The Bible

Good morning, bloggers! Hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better Father’s Day.

I have been following (via twitter) HitRECord Joe. More people know him as Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is making a television show that will be using collaborations from, not just his team, but the public. All of this is being done through a website he and his brother created. It’s all rather fascinating to me. There will be eight episodes. Each episode will have its own theme, such as space or secrets or independence. Everything will be selected over the next four months or so.

This brings me to today’s blog. The Bible was mentioned as a theme last week and it got my creative juices flowing. So this is what I came up with:

I was raised going to church every Sunday, later in life moving to the role of preacher’s daughter. I’ve had my ups and downs, just like anyone else, but the Bible has always been close to my heart. Because there is a scripture that can go along with anything life throws at you. So when I think of the Bible, trying to think of the different terms, feelings, and images associated, my mind is flooded with ideas. I know my beliefs differ from some people, but it’s what I know…..what I believe in. And this is what it means to me:

The Bible is……….
~ an instructional tool to the journey we choose.
~ a guide to life, love, and happiness.
~ a source for comfort and peace during our hardships and struggles.
~ a place to find answers to life’s questions.
~ a story to find hope when we doubt.
~ an encyclopedia of history and truth; basic knowledge and wisdom that ignores all science.
~ a gateway to eternal life, life so marvelous it goes beyond anything we can imagine.
~ a book of encouraging words – for a birth and the growing that follows; for a wedding and the marriage that follows; for a death and the healing that follows.

Something essential to remember is that the Bible is not just full of goodness and happy endings. It’s full of pain and sorrow and lessons learned. It’s full of stories, some intriguing, some not. It’s full of heart and soul; no sugar coating. It’s a lifestyle that we get to choose whether or not to follow. It’s the beginning and it’s the end.

Until next time, love and blessings!

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