First Weekly/Weekend Review

Hello, bloggers! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I’ve decided I want to do weekly reviews, or at least attempt to do this from now on. Today’s review is on my recent reads. This weekend provided me with a rare opportunity; I read 5 books/stories since Friday. And your posts and comments will be very appreciated. I most certainly would love any reviews and recommendations you may have for me.  🙂

Looking for You by Kate Perry: I’ve read several of her books now and I always enjoy them. This book is about secrets, relationships, and love. It definitely keeps you guessing, as well as intrigued. A must read for the hopeless romantic!

The Wedding Wish by Ginny Baire. This is about two childhood sweethearts rekindling their romance sixteen years later. Obstacles, of course, arise. As the reader, you get engrossed in fighting for the rare love they seem to share.

Love at First Date by Susan Hatler: This is another book from her Better Date than Never Series. It involves a woman bent to succeed through online dating and a battle between her head and heart. It’s both witty and romantic. Definitely a great read!

These were my favorites of my recent kindle experiences. As always, I thoroughly enjoy a good love story. That’s all I seem to read. Maybe I’ll add some variety to the mix next time.

Until then…… & blessings!

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