Happy Friday!

Hello, bloggers!

How many of you are excited it’s Friday??? I sure am; I love the weekends! The hubby gets to be at home, we sleep in late, and do whatever we fancy. One of the perks of being an adult, I suppose. ūüôā

I’ve had a very busy week. I’ve done a little bit of everything. My multitasking abilities have truly shined. I’ve worked on my book, finally. I’ve read and facebook’d and tweeted. I worked on the contracts for the event planning business. I can hardly wait to get things rolling with it! I actually read a book that revolved around wedding planning, and the like. Of course, it only motivated me more. Don’t fret–this book will be included in my weekly review on Monday. Just in case you missed it, here’s my business website:¬† Please do check it out. I always appreciate feedback!

In addition to the many things I’m already taking on, we (as in the husband and myself) have decided to become distributors for AdvoCare. Thanks to our Tennessee family, we were introduced to the amazing results you get from the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. So we signed up! And, hopefully, in a few weeks, we’ll both be able to start the challenge.

Let me explain AdvoCare for those of you that don’t know. The business was created in the early 90’s, I believe. (I’m still learning.) It’s about people helping people, creating better lifestyles, and changing lives. They have tons of great products. From weight loss and energy to muscle toning to overall wellness. They seem to have it all. The 24 Day Challenge is meant to help you improve your lifestyle, by improving your eating habits and giving you the energy you should already have.

On the bonus side, AdvoCare is something you can make a business out of. Share the stories, get others involved, change people’s lives for the better (and yours too, might I add), and make money while you do it. What can be better than that? Interested? Visit for more info.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend for all!

Until next time…….love & blessings!

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