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Almost the Weekend!

Hello, bloggers!

Well, it is finally Thursday and the weekend will soon be upon us. And I’m certainly ready! The stress mentioned in the previous post is still there. In someways, it’s worse, BUT I refuse to harp on it.

Moving on……….

My week has been much more productive than I expected. I’ve, as per usual, done a little bit of everything. I’ve typed up more notes for A Shining Moment, I’ve read one book and have started another, and I’ve worked on AdvoCare stuff. A majority of my time has been directed towards Vacation Bible School. It begins on Monday and I’m pretty excited about it. The theme is God’s Backyard and the lessons are about serving others. I have quite a bit planned, including craft time for binoculars and a telescope. I think it’ll turn out to be fun. At least I hope so!

My business? I’m still pumped about it. Reading wedding books only make it worse. Patience is key; one day at a time. Regardless though, it will happen. And it will succeed……or I’ll have at least tried my absolute hardest. Which is just as important.

Event planning. How can anyone not enjoy that? Meeting new people, making their visions happen, taking part in that special moment, and witnessing the happiness, the joy? Okay, so I’m passionate about it. More than the average person. All the more reason I know this is what I’m supposed to do. Now, if the money and timing wasn’t an issue……then we’d really be in business.   <——No pun intended.

So are you following your dream? After years of debating, arguing with yourself, writing out the pros & cons at least a hundred times? I want to know. I want to hear your story. Let me know it’s possible, that dreams are reachable. And if succeeding for some reason didn’t happen, wasn’t it worth it? To know you did it, you tried. Either way, every happy story deserves to be told.

Until next time…….love & blessings!

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