Weekly Review #4

Hello, bloggers! Happy Monday. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.


Let’s jump right down to business. This week I’m reviewing two more books, sticking with the tradition I’ve started.

Book1My first book this past week was So Not Happening by Jennie B. Jones. This is from her Charmed Life Series. It’s the story of Bella Kirkwood, who has lived a rather luxurious life in New York. After her divorced mom falls in love with a factory worker, they move to Oklahoma to live with him and his two bratty sons. Bella has some work cut out for her. Nothing seems to go right and she’s definitely not fitting in with the country folks. Agreeing to take on an article for the school’s newspaper, she winds up with a bigger story than she bargained for.

There’s a spark of romance, drama, and suspense all wrapped up in this great novel. Another recommendation! My favorite part is how much Jenny includes God in her work. It just adds extra depth to the story, more meaning. I love it! She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

My next review is for Vision of White by Nora Roberts. This is from the same series as her book in my last review–The Bride Quartet. I goofed and read the second book of the series first, not realizing it was part of a series. So this one is actually the first book; therefore, I already knew how it would end……sort of. I just didn’t how it got there. Regardless, the book is another great read. You follow the four childhood friends through the ups and downs of love, family, and friendships, and their thriving business. In this particular book of the series, Mac is the main character.

All her life, MBook2ackensie Elliot has known about divorce and moving on and going from one school to another. She has a mother, who is quite a character. In some way or fashion, she seems to always get her way. Usually at Mac’s expense. She struggles with that relationship, and it often influences her other relationships. Thanks to her mother, she has a hard time believing in love and marriage. Her skepticism encounters fear when Carter, an old schoolmate, comes back into their lives. Love and hate relationships, lasting friendships, dream careers, romance, and even a little comedy……you’ll find all this and more in the bestselling author’s book.

To clarify, if you happen to be reading my recommendations, be sure to read Vision of White FIRST, then you can read Bed of Roses. Reading them in order is definitely the way to go!  🙂


For the next review, I have already started reading the third book of The Bride Quartet Series. Here’s a shocker……it’s another captivating story! Once I finish both of these series (Charmed Life by Jenny B. Jones and The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts), I’m thinking I may go for an indie book after it. Switch it up a little bit. I didn’t download all those books on my kindle for nothing!

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that I would love to read your suggestions and reviews! Don’t be shy! I’m always looking for new books.

Until next time……….love & blessings!

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