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Weekly Review #5

Hello, bloggers! I hope everyone had another fabulous weekend. Mine has been quite productive. My whole week has, for that matter. For almost every project I am currently working on.

The hubs and I attended the Deer Expo in Birmingham Saturday and we enjoyed it very much. Okay, so he enjoyed it a good bit more than me, but still……it was fun, in its own way.  🙂  We were given samples and got a glimpse of the Lizard Lick Towing Crew. So it had its perks.

I had bible school at the beginning of the week and that took up much of my time, working on lessons and crafts. And Friday I helped my mother out at her produce stand. Other than that, my days were filled with the business. I’ve worked through more forms and even an employee handbook. Again, I’m having a blast every step of the way. I was contacted personally this weekend by two different vendors. A florist and a Thirty One Distributor. I was beyond stoked that they wanted me to consider them. Absolutely made my day! I guess it makes it seem more real, more possible. I’ve been putting off a few things until I had some money put back, like getting a postal box and business cards. When I mentioned this to Chad, he told me to stop stalling. I suppose that’s what I’ve been doing. And I suppose there may be fear behind that. But it’s time to jump, dive, leap–whatever your preference–head first. I’m ready to. Nervous, but ready.

Also this week, Thursday as a matter of fact, Chad and I began our AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. We’re doing great so far. (Minus the torture of food samples at the Deer Expo, including SEVERAL fudge booths.) I love experimenting with vegetables, just as much as he loves experimenting with grilling the meats. Today’s day 5 and we both feel fabulous. I hope our results are note-worthy.

Onto the review…………First up is the second book to the Charmed Life Series by Jenny B. Jones. I’m So Sure is, again, about Bella and her adjustments to a new home, new siblings, new school, new friends, and all around a new lifestyle. She has the pleasure of being followed by reporters, due to her stepfather’s love of wrestling. It makes for an entertaining read. Along with her ex-boyfriend coming back in the picture and another crime Bella and Luke must work on together to solve. A great book! I can’t wait to read the next and final book of the series.

I also read Savor the Moment. It is the third book of Nora Robert’s Bride Quartet Series. This book revolves around Laurel, her ups and downs, her struggles with herself, her past, and her heart. This time we get to see the group somewhat out of their element for a short part of the book. The much anticipated vacation time has finally arrived. I’m not giving away any clues this time. Just know that this is a definite must read!

Until next time, fellow bloggers……………love & blessings!



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