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Here’s to a Productive Week

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another beautiful day!

Productive is definitely the key word thus far this week. I am on Day 7 of my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and I feel amazing! Not only do I have better energy, but I just feel good. Really good. In risk of sounding cliche, I feel young again! Let me jump into a quick sales pitch………….If you need to get back that good feeling, get back that energy, and get back into an overall better lifestyle, visit my website and get on that right track. Seriously, what are you waiting for? I wish I would’ve heard about AdvoCare a long time ago. It has made a world of a difference.

Onto other things…….my business is starting to take off. I signed up for a post office box yesterday and just put the order in for my business cards. (I actually ordered business cards for both A Shining Moment and for AdvoCare. Why not get it over with in one order, right?) Excited doesn’t come close to describing how I’m feeling at this moment. I guess I’m still in shock. That all this is actually happening. That my dream is becoming more than a dream……’s becoming a reality. On top of all that goodness, I have a vendor meeting Monday with a florist. My first vendor meeting! How awesome is that? She called me, wants to meet with me. I’m hoping this is the first of many.

May I add how glad I am that you are coming along with me on this journey? New followers, old followers, random readers…..I appreciate each of you. Knowing people are reading my blog, liking it, choosing to follow it just makes everything better. It makes spilling my thoughts on here worth it. So thank you. A very sincere thank you.  🙂


Until next time…………love & blessings.

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