Weekly Review #6

Hello, bloggers!

It’s another week……aren’t Mondays the greatest? I know, I know. Who am I kidding? Mondays are often the worst. But at least you have my weekly updates to look forward to.  🙂

Before I dive into my latest books, let me just say this……AdvoCare is amazing! Sunday was our Day 11, the start of the 2nd phase of the 24 Day Challenge. This means we had to check our results thus far. The results were shocking, to say the least. The hubs is down 10 pounds and 7 inches and I am down 12 pounds and 6.5 inches. Can you believe it??? In a mere 10 days we lost a combined 22 lbs. All because of AdvoCare. I cannot wait to see what our results are on Day 25. Best decision we ever made!

Now onto the reviews.

Let’s begin with First Date by Krista McGee. Another Christian young adult book that I would recommend. It, much like previous books, has all the elements–humor, love, friendship, family, and lots of drama. It’s about Addy Davidson who is smart, athletic, and not so much into guys. Well, she is selected from her school to be on a reality tv show where the President’s son will select a date for his senior prom. The other ladies of the show, as well as the host, try their hardest to ensure that Addy does not make it to that prom. She doesn’t have class like them, nor does she have the necessary charisma for being in front of the camera. It’s one thing after another. Addy’s only defense is her faith in God.

Sadly, I have finished the Bride Quartet Series by Nora Roberts. I say sadly because I hated for it to end. By the fourth book, I feel like these girls are my best friends! Of course, as I’ve previously said, I can relate to these books because of my business. So I might like them a little more than some people. Regardless, these are very good books!
Happy Ever After brings back the four ladies of Vows. This time we focus on Parker, the woman behind the business. She always imagined finding a man that had her background, so to speak. Someone intelligent, a businessman, someone with class and sophistication, and so on and so forth. Instead, Malcolm enters the picture. A mechanic that despises suits and has no problem speaking his mind. He is nothing that she expected but could he be everything she’s every needed?

All in all it was another great week of reads. Maybe we’ll get some indies in the mix next time.


Until then…………… & blessings.

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