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Weekly Review #7

Good morning, bloggers! I’m sad to say I’m a day late in my weekly update. Its been a hectic few days, to say the least!

This week I joined a book review website, which is kind of exciting. My reviews will be more publicly viewed now. I’ll still share them on here, though. You’ll find my first one below (Trusted). On other good news…..our package from VistaPrint came in the mail this weekend. We now have business cards for A Shining Moment and AdvoCare. As per usual, saying I’m excited is an understatement.

Update on AdvoCare: We. Feel. Amazing! The differences in our energy and overall feel is better than I ever expected. I sincerely wished I had discovered this company years ago. When they say its life-changing, they mean it! People have started commenting us on the weight loss. And boy isn’t that awesome! I love it! I can’t wait til we are able to order more products. And Sunday we will do our final results for the 24 Day Challenge. I’ll definitely update you on that. I still highly recommend you at least researching the company and their products.  {}

Now time for those much-anticipated book reviews.

by Taylor L. Stimac. This is the author’s novel debut and its pretty awesome, in my opinion. I would highly recommend it to anyone. From beginning to end, I was hooked! The characters and the storyline are completely captivating, making it near impossible to put down. This book has everything a reader could ask for……family and relationships mixed with a little bit of suspense and drama.

You can’t help but fall in love with the characters. The main character, Tegan, is so real, so easy to relate to. First date, first kiss, first love. Monumental stepping stones, especially to a sixteen year old girl. What could have been the perfect life, gets flipped upside down by a mystery man. You’re pulled right along with Tegan, trying to figure out exactly what’s going on and trying to make the right decisions along the way. The fact that God is throughout this book makes it that much better.
The only drawback is I wanted more. I’m anxious to see what happens next!

The second book is So Over My Head, the final installment to Jenny B. Jones’s Charmed Life Series. What a great way to finish it! You’re back in the life of Bella Kirkwood, who is, yet again, struggling with life and relationships and another crime. This time she discovers a dead body and is determined, despite many obstacles, to discover the truth. More suspense, more ‘accidents’, and more hilarity. Another 5 star for Jenny!

This 3-book series would be a great addition to anyone’s library. Its captivating in every way imaginable. The characters are interesting and witty; the stories are suspenseful and they immediately suck you in; and the conclusion is everything you could hope for. Thrilling, happy, and God is present every step of the way.

So that concludes this week’s update. I hope you enjoyed it. I am in need of some recommendations now! I have finished two wonderful series and am ready to dive into another.

Until next time…………… & blessings!

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