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Weekly Review #8

Hello, bloggers! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that Monday hasn’t been too harsh.

I spent my weekend in Montgomery, with the hubs. We were able to enjoy a three-day weekend together because he had a state softball tournament, which his team won second place in. Unfortunately, I got a little too much sun and had to miss the last few games, including the championship game. I was completely bummed. I had to spend my Saturday afternoon in bed, with what I believe was sun poisoning. The bad thing is that I had sunscreen on. Apparently it was no match for the blistery heat of the Alabama sun. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the weekend. We explored the State Capitol, along with some other wonderful places—Civil Rights Memorial, First White House of the Confederacy, Museum of Fine Arts. I loved every minute of it……well, all but the sun poisoning.


We also weighed in and measured for our AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge final results. My weight didn’t change, but Chad lost an additional four pounds. I think my unchanging number was a reflection of my splurge on sweets over the weekend. That’s what I craved most during the Challenge. I blame it on will power……I have none!

So for the final tally……Chad lost 13.5 lbs and 11.75 inches. I lost 12 lbs and 12.75 inches. Pretty good, I would say, for a mere 24 days. Now, we will continue on the healthy new track and hope for more results along the way. This healthy eating thing is a lot better than I expected! Experimenting with grilled veggies is kind of fun and Chad enjoys trying out new recipes with the grilled fish and chicken. I suppose the experimenting will continue.

I only have one book review for the week. Its She’s All That by Kristin Billerbeck. This is another book series, called The Spa Girls. Its about three friends that have been friends since college. They come from different backgrounds but have bonded to be the best of friends. This first book revolves around Lilly Jacobs. She has a degree in finance, but a passion for fashion design. You get to walk along with her through her struggles—bad hair, a deserved promotion that goes to someone else, and a boyfriend she catches having an affair. To go along with her already horrible life, she has a nosey grandmother who downplays the fashion career.
All in all it’s a great book. The characters are loveable and witty. The storyline is well-planned out. And you get pulled into the book as if you were living it. Definitely another recommendation! And also another series I will finish.

Update on my ‘professional’ book reviews: I have accepted five more and those will be posted on my blog as soon as I finish each book. The genres are quite different. From young adult to historical romance to paranormal…….should make for some interesting reads!

So until next time…….love & blessings!

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