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Weekly Review #10

Hello, bloggers! Happy, happy Monday! Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend.
For most of you, you have a five day work-week followed by a three-day weekend. Thanks to the notable occasion of Labor Day! I hope the weekend is relaxing, celebratory, and just plain awesome!

I don’t have much of a review today. Things have been crazy lately. We’ve done quite a bit of traveling this past week. We had a death in the family, but the funeral was a celebration. Hearts were and will remain sad, but we all know Heaven was waiting on her. So it’s not all sadness. There’s a certain peace that comes if we remember what is to come.

I spent a couple days in Tunica, having family time. Without much anticipation for gambling, I surprised myself by coming home with extra money. Not much, of course, but extra nonetheless. Tunica is never dull. You make some interesting friends…..every time. It was a short trip, but I still feel exhausted from it! This is also due to the lack of AdvoCare Spark. We had to order some and are completely out. Hopefully, it will be delivered tomorrow and my energy level can get back to normal. I really need it to get back to normal.

On other news……my business is, once again, at a stand still. I haven’t progressed very much with our busy schedules. I’m hoping for a change this week. I did get quite a bit done on Publisher, getting my portfolio ready to print. I have some more work to do on it, but should be done within a few days. (When I’m actually able to work on it!) I do have some vendors I have already spoken to and added to my list and I have a few I need to contact this week. Unfortunately, my car is on the fritz, so I can’t arrange any meetings right now. That definitely puts a damper on things. But life goes on.   🙂

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to write. Goodness, I don’t get to do it near as much as I would like to. That’s for sure. I have so many writing projects, all unfinished. Currently, I am taking a detour from the project I was originally working on when I started this blog. I have the inkling to work on my thriller. I think this is mainly due to the fact that Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe I can get some work on it done. This particular writing project is one that the hubs and I would like to turn into a screenplay. We talk often about making our own movies. Because if you really think about scary movies nowadays and think about the level of reality………some movies are just not up to par. More often than not, they’re unrealistic. Not just the storyline or the psycho killer, but the characters and their actions.

For example:   If a weirdo starts calling your phone and threatens you, are you going to keep answering it? I would hope not. And in these cases, who doesn’t have some form of weaponry at home? We mustn’t forget the question everyone ask……if the killer is inside your house, why in the world would you run upstairs? Unless you live in a gigantic mansion or are lucky enough to have hidden passages and doors (neither of which are popular in horror flicks), hiding places are drastically limited on second floors. The more obvious choice would be to run outside–more hiding places, possibility of finding help, and the possibility of outrunning the psycho. I’m sure you get the point now.

So what we want to do is create a film that is more close to reality. That is more of an honest approach to what people would actually do. Plus we’re both twisted and love horror flicks so we’ve already came up with some great ideas.

Anywho, that’s just something else on my list. One day, I’ll accomplish it all. But until then……….

Love and blessings, fellow bloggers!

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