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Weekly Review #11

Good morning, bloggers! Welcome to another review! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Last week was quite productive, I’m happy to report. I divided my time up daily, so I could work on………well, everything I have going on! A Shining Moment Event Planning Services, AdvoCare, Christmas, and my writing. I feel accomplished because of everything I got done. And this week will be the same. At least, I intend for it to be the same.

Added to my list now is Halloween. One of my favorites times of the year. I love everything about this holiday. Last year was my first experience with a full night of trick or treaters. Every year before, I lived out in the country. No one ever came! But now I live in town and EVERYONE comes. I love it! We went above and beyond in preparation for the night. All the kiddos enjoyed our decorations……and the element of fear. We had a few screamers so it was a successful night.  🙂   This year we’re going to do it bigger and better. And I can’t wait. I’m all about the DIY projects, which is not only fun but it saves money. In this day and time, saving money is a critical concept.

As for my writing, I’m progressing nicely on my thriller. Chad and I have had some interesting conversations about the storyline. Like I said in my prior post, we want this to be realistic. And it will be. The outline, for the most part, is complete. It’s almost time to dive into the writing portion. I’ll keep you updated. Who knows, maybe we’ll have the next big Indie film–like The Blair Witch Project. We’ll see!

I have one book review I would like to share. Compass by Jennifer Gibson.

Compass is the second book of a series. It’s both well-written and intriguing. As if being a female teenager isn’t enough, Jessie has to struggle as being hearing impaired. You get to walk with her on a very personal journey, of school and relationships, of discovering her strength and herself. I found myself glued to my kindle, as I read page after page of this truly amazing account of her life. The story is inspirational and would be very eye-opening for any teenager………for that matter, any adult! I will definitely recommend this book to others. I’ll also be looking into the other two books of this trilogy.

This review comes from my newly found obsession, the website I’ve mentioned before. Author Alliance. I’ve received over 25 requests and every book, for the most part, has been a good read. If you have the time and are in to that sort of thing, I recommend checking out their website.

Until next time……………love & blessings!

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