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Weekly Review #15

Hello, bloggers! Another Monday, another week. And this girl is smiling big—its my birthday!  🙂

I don’t have much to report. Business is still progressing………one day at a time. I’m still reading and writing ALL THE TIME. I actually took a break from reading this weekend. I spent my birthday weekend doing something different. I had a Twilight marathon. Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, I watched all five movies. Although I was totally against this series at first (simply because they became such a major fab and I don’t like to go with the crowd), I read through all four books and, surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed them. In my opinion, the movies improved over time. The actors developed and became more like family and the storyline became more intense, for obvious reasons. I can’t really explain the enjoyment I get from the movies. If I’m not mistaken, Twilight was the debut novel for Stephenie Meyer. I think that might be part of the reason. Her first novel and it became a huge success. I guess I dream of that happening to me. It’s what I have always hoped for. To write a novel that is good enough to turn into a movie.

Here’s a confession for you………I don’t dream often. When I do, I have a difficult time recollecting the dream. One night I dreamed this incredible story (which I won’t give details on because things are still in the works). The people in my dream were a couple of the people from the Twilight movies. When I awoke from the dream, I could remember everything. It was so vivid, so real! The story was there and I knew I had to write it. Thus inspiring the romance novel I’ve been working on.

Now, on to the fun stuff. Author Alliance is still keeping me busy. Crazy busy! I’ve received over 50 requests now. I’m trying to get through the books, but some of them are so long. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the books I’ve chose to accept. So here are two of my recent reviews.


Bring Me Sunshine by Wendy Storer is about Daisy, who has a forgetful father and an imaginative little brother. Although she’s only fifteen years old and already dealing with life as a teenager, Daisy is forced to sometimes act as the adult of her family. Not only does she take care of her brother Sam, but she has to clean up after her father. And not just dirty dishes. Because of his forgetfulness, we see him forget to pick Sam up from school and leave the tub’s water running til it practically floods the bathroom. Everything in Daisy’s life seems to be going downhill. Her dad’s condition seems to be getting worse, putting more responsibilities on her plate. She even had to give up her passion of drumming, despite how talented she was. When things begin to spiral out of control, hope enters in the shape of an old friend, Dylan. He has bigger and better plans and intends to take Daisy right along with him.

This book is quite refreshing. It steers away from what has become normalcy in today’s fiction and focuses more on family dynamics. Daisy’s character is one that will warm the heart of any reader. She has an unconditional love for her family and does everything in her power to keep that family together. Her relationship with Sam is absolutely precious, something that’s often rare to see. She goes above and beyond to ensure that he has a happy and secure home life. She is the perfect big sister. Another notable factor is that the author incorporates music into every chapter, which I found most appealing. The journey you go on with Daisy, with both her family and with Dylan, is enjoyable. You’ll find yourself waiting for that beacon of hope, waiting for the good to come. Overall Bring Me Sunshine is, without a doubt, a pleasurable read!

Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule is Book 1 of the Spellbound Series. We travel along the journey of teenager Shiloh Trudell. Not only does she live in the supposedly haunted town of Fallen Oaks, where teens randomly vanish as if they were on a hitlist, but, as she gets closer to her sixteenth birthday, more and more weird things start to happen. Shiloh has always been slightly different than her friends because of her gift of sight, but her talents seem to go deeper than the simplicity of seeing shadows and ghosts. After accepting a summer job at Fallen Oaks’ very own haunted house, Craven Manor, Shiloh encounters more problems than anticipated. Just moved back to town and into the Manor is Trent Donovan, the town’s heartthrob, charming rebellion. Despite her efforts, Shiloh connects with him on a new level. Now, she has to deal with the powers she has suddenly discovered she has, as well as protect Trent and whoever else might be next on the supernatural hitlist.

I absolutely loved this book–everything about it! Both the storyline and the characters are believable. Its written so well and the words just flow; its like your right there the whole time. More so, with the wonderful use of imagery, it’s easy to visualize that journey as you walk it. Along with the other characters, we get to see Shiloh grow, becoming stronger and more sure of herself and her capabilities. I often found myself smiling at the undeniable chemistry (and cuteness) between her and Trent. The book keeps the reader guessing, keeping you unsure of what will happen next and when another spirit will appear. My interest was piqued from page one and I found it very hard to put my kindle down. A drawback……I’m devastated that the book is over because I am anxious to see what happens next.


Until next time………………love & blessings!

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