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Weekly Review #21

Good morning, lovelies!

It has been a fabulous weekend. Quite productive! Christmas Village in Birmingham, Christmas shopping and the removal of Halloween decorations. In addition to that, I have attempted to catch up on my reading. I continue to get book review requests and, sadly, have to decline a majority of them. I am enjoying the books, though. I just finished a historical romance that I loved! I can’t review it on here yet. Actually, I don’t have a review at all for you today. I have to wait my two-week period. Next week, I will have one. And its a great one! My first time to read a memoir.

I am thrilled at the response I have received for my interview posts. When I decided to start a featured guest blog, I never expected it to become what mine has. Of course, I hoped it would eventually turn into a routine thing. But it has surpassed my every expectation! My first interview (with DB Corey) was on October 9th. And since then, I have had an interview scheduled for every week. I am booked all the way through the middle of December. That makes me so happy. I have met the nicest people. Most of them have been authors, or at least writers of some sort. They are quite the group of talented people. The interviews, themselves, have been nothing short of amazing. With both intelligible and witty responses, some that are heartfelt and others that will inspire.

I had, in my opinion, a great thought last night. I was flipping through some issues of Como magazine. (I’m very behind on my magazine flipping.) Not necessarily them, but one of the magazines that do regular articles on books should feature an indie author. I mean think about it. The idea of the indie book, author, movie, etc. is becoming more and more popular. We are evolving into an indie world. A world where no-name people (I say that without any cruelty) are getting the props they deserve. There are so many talented people out there. Not just writers and movie peeps. There are musicians and artists and dancers and so on and so forth. More than the amount that should, get overlooked and will remain unrecognizable. I’m just stating what we all have been thinking. Am I right? I don’t think that’s fair. I think that everyone deserves at least a chance. Nothing more than a shot at success. Not fame, not even money. But success at doing what they love to do, what they are passionate about. I’m sincerely thinking about contacting whoever I can with some of these more popular magazines. I’m fully aware that it may do no good whatsoever, but at least its an attempt. An attempt at what I think is a very good thing. So anyways, that soap box is over! lol  I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I’ll even pass your word along with mine. Our voices deserve to be heard. What are you waiting for???


Thank you for following, reading, and taking time out today for me…………an unrecognizable, no-name writer.


Until next time…………………love & blessings!

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