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Special Edition: Unusual Circumstances

Good afternoon, bloggers! What a week! Lots and lots of catching up to do! Blog Tour, Unusual Circumstances, Tragedy, Book Reviews………oh my!


I haven’t been able to do my usual posts this week and its driving me batty!  🙂  For starters, at the end of January, I joined in on a blog tour of “SPOTLIGHT” Authors with Rave Reviews Book Club. Each week, on Sunday, they reveal a special author, posting about themselves and their books. Its been wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in it. As I’ve said many times before, I love to show support for the Indie artist–whether it be author, musician, painter, etc.! So I ask, if you haven’t already done so, please check out the 1st and 2nd post. You will be delighted, I’m sure! And this Sunday will be the 3rd post, equally awesome!


Now for the reason I’ve been absent this week……My husband had an accident at work on Monday. I received a phone call that morning from him–while riding in an ambulance, by the way–saying he was headed to the hospital because a shelf fell and hit him in the head. What I didn’t know at that time, was that that shelf left a long & deep gash. From what I heard, he was a trooper. While everyone around him was worried about the damage, he was joking. <—his usual self. Well the gash ended up needing 17 stitches and he stayed at home so I could tend to him. (I have never been more thankful for not having a job.) I, of course, was more freaked out than he was. It looked awful. Still looks awful! We’ve dealt with swelling and black eyes, but thank the good Lord above, there hasn’t been much pain. Oh, and no concussion or blackout either. He returned to work today, against my wishes. He really is doing great, though. Better than I expected with such severe head trauma. Yes, in my opinion, it was severe. No matter what he says. Anytime a cut goes clear to the bone, or in this case the skull, that is severe. (I still refuse to look at the pictures!) And I pray everyday, thanking God, that it wasn’t worse. Because I know it could’ve been.

So this  ^^^  is the reason I have been absent. I stayed out of the social world, for the most part, the entire time he was home. Today, I’m slowly trying to get caught up.

Today I will share with you reviews of two great books. I feel like I haven’t reviewed in forever! I hope you enjoy! And, again, I apologize for my unusual posts, or lack thereof, over the last few weeks. Hopefully, we’ll get back on track next week.  🙂  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I’ll talk with you soon!



The Extraordinary Life of Shady Gray by Jason Tanamor. Much like the title suggests, this book is about the life of Shady Gray. A teenaged boy trapped in a dysfunctional family. With parents that don’t always see eye to eye and a sister that is as moody as they come, Shady’s life is different, unique even. He lives his life in quiet, hoping to fit in, but never knowing how to go about it. He often questions life and God, turning to paper and pen to speak his mind.

His life takes a drastic turn when his sister becomes pregnant and gets kicked out of their home by their father. This incident begins a domino effect of more disastrous situations. Shady’s mother is forced to take a stand, while his own life enters a new phase with his new neighbor, Jessica.

This is quite an interesting book. It has suspense and drama, as well as relationships and personal growth. Throughout the story, we read about tough subjects. This brings in the realism of today, with things such as domestic violence and teen pregnancy. (Speaking of which, these very occurrences make the story appropriate for young adults and older.) We also get to see the good in life with young love and a mother’s love and what that love can overcome. The only drawback for this book and the reason for four stars is it sometimes jumps subjects. As long as you thoroughly give in to this book and the story, this won’t be a major issue. With that being said, we do get to see the perspective of more than one character. This often adds to the enjoyment, reading the thoughts and feelings of more than a single person. These elements, along with the intriguing storyline and strong personalities of the characters, make a great read.


EMBRYO by J.A. Schneider is an amazing book, absolutely wonderful! It revolves around Jill Raney, an intern at a well-known hospital. This hospital, famous for its fertility and genetic engineering, becomes the sight of tragedy. After two pregnant women die and other pregnancy complications arise, Jill questions her superiors–including the handsome resident David–however, they insist that there is no common link between the victims. Alone, Jill starts an investigation, but she exposes more than she ever could have anticipated.

This medical thriller will pull you in immediately, with a captivating opening that can easily be visualized due to the author’s superb writing skills, which you see throughout this book. You walk along with Jill during her suspenseful investigation, anxious to see what will happen next.

Jill is a fascinating character, strong and independent and determined. Along with her you have a variety of other characters, each with their own unique personality traits. The relationship that develops between Jill and David provides just the right amount of romance, without taking away from the mystery and thrill of the story.

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend this book. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won’t be able to let go until you make it to the very end.



EMBRYO 2 is the continuation of the wonderful story we read in EMBRYO. We follow along with the hospital intern and resident, Jill and David. After a few days rest to recover from the turmoil caused by a crazy doctor, the two are back at work. Now being treated like celebrities, they are being fussed over by both fellow doctors and patients. Things are hectic as they attempt to find some normalcy. To further complicate things, a victim enters the hospital bearing a cryptic message, the first of many. Evidence points to a killer that is targeting the hospital’s latest heroes. Jill and David must work together, along side the investigators, in hopes of uncovering the secret villain.

Another superb book by the author. (I am now a devoted fan!) The same dynamic characters, only with more suspense and more twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The author’s word usage, much like in the first book, puts the reader in the hospital–seeing what the characters see, feeling what they feel. Throughout this book, we get to see those same wonderful relationships–between Jill and David, between the interns, between the doctors and interns. There’s an underlying emphasis on those friendships we see. They protect each other, support each other. This adds a nice element, that goes beyond suspense and mystery. This book, the series for that matter, is deserving of more than 5 stars. The author has created this place and these characters, that you can’t help but fall in love with. At the end of each book, you are anxious to see what happens next. I was thrilled to see that EMBRYO 3 is in the works. It will definitely be on my must-read.


Until next time………………………………love & blessings!

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