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Interview #19 with Carrigan Richards

Good morning bloggers!!

Welcome to another awesome interview. We have a very talented lady–Carrigan Richards–with us today. And you are in for a treat!!! She has some amazing writing skills and the reviews to back that up.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy……


1) You’ve been writing for a long time. What were some of your earlier ideas?

I actually started out writing poetry and wrote that for years. My very first idea for a story was a play written in the style of R.L. Stine. I was always reading his books, but my first novel I wrote was actually a serious one about a girl who was abused by her father.


2) What inspires your writing?
Lots of things really. Music – when I hear a song, sometimes I think of a scene in my head. I love creating characters and situations and seeing how they unfold. I’m always pushing the limits of my characters. But being able to create a story that people love and can relate to in some way is very meaningful.


3) What authors and/or books have influenced you?

Nicholas Sparks always influenced me because he wrote real stories that hit home for me. And I have to say J.K. Rowling. She never gave up and didn’t let anyone or anything stop her.


4) What part of writing do you find most exhilarating? Most difficult?

The creativity and the ideas that I can come up with is definitely exhilarating and also finishing an awesome scene and being satisfied with it. Finishing a book is exciting as well.

I’d have to say the most difficult part of writing is editing. Because as a writer, you must take off your writing shoes and put on the editing shoes. And really edit. Sometimes it means taking out one or more of your favorite scenes or cutting a character completely. You have to be hard on yourself, but smart. If some part of the book isn’t working, you have to fix it.


5) What part of the YA genre do you find most exciting?

I think it’s the characters. They’re at an age where they are experiencing so many things for the first time and trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be. It’s a difficult time in anyone’s life because there are a lot of pressures at that age.


6) What has been your biggest accomplishment as a writer?

Having the passion to complete nine novels and writing a story that people love.


7) Please entice the readers with some details on what they will find in your novel, PIECES OF ME.

Pieces of Me is a very emotional story, told from the perspective of a girl who is completely lost and is faced with a hard decision. Readers will find encouragement, strength, and struggles of a young woman trying to deal with a tragedy.


8) How do you create your dynamic characters?

Parts of characters come from real life, but when I write a character for the first time, I like to see what they have to say to me. I try to figure out their back-story and use that as their incentive to how they act. I try to make each character flawed in some way, because that is human. None of us is perfect, and neither should the characters we read.


9) Pieces of Me includes some serious subjects, some have even called it “emotionally gripping.” Did you pull inspiration from real life or did you do a great deal of research?

Actually, both. I think real life inspires most writers but change it in a way to protect the innocent. And I studied psychology and researched a lot regarding the subject matters. This was the hardest story I’ve ever written because of the subjects, and in all of my novels, I incorporate tough situations because that is life. Bad things happen, but so do good things and I like to write about both.


10) What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Never give up and always make time to write. If you really want to finish that story, you will. And always listen to constructive criticism. If it’s not constructive, just brush it off.


11) Are you currently working on any projects?

I have almost finished writing/editing the second installment to my Elemental Enchanter series. Once that is done, I’ll go back, edit it, and get it ready for publication.


12) Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers?

Thanks for all of their support in helping writers’ dreams come true.


To find out more about this talented author, visit her website at Pieces of Me.

You can also find her novel at

I hope enjoyed today’s edition of My Featured Guests. I certainly did!!  🙂  Do yourself a favor and check out Carrigan and her book, Pieces of Me. PURCHASE, READ, REVIEW = SUPPORT.

Until next time………………………………………Happy Reading!!!

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