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Weekly Review #36

Good morning, bloggers!!!

I am TRYING to get back on schedule. I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks, filled with hospital visits. I do apologize for my slacking! BUT I will be making up this week. You’ve already seen my “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR POST and tomorrow I will have another special visit from an awesome lady. ((STAY TUNED!!)) And today, I am jumping right into some book reviews. So enjoy!!!!



JAZZ BABY by Beem Weeks   < >

JAZZ BABY is set back in the summer of 1925 in Mississippi. We read about Emily Ann Teegarten and her life as it is flipped upside down with one horrific incident after another. Forced to live with her aunt, Emily begins plotting her escape, with nothing but a dream to sing jazz in New York City. She hopes that the speakeasies of New Orleans are short stepping stones to her dream in the Big Apple. BUT Emily is introduced to more than she could’ve imagined.

We read from the eyes of young Emily Ann and you can’t help but feel like you’re walking beside her. Emily experiences things that will completely shock you, but her reaction and maturity will often make you forget she is barely a teenager. These shocking moments may even anger you because they seem so realistic. This is true for the entire book. Emily’s journey, the characters, the dialogue…everything seems real, as if the story were unfolding right before you. The characters we are introduced to are colorful and unique, making the book that much better.

JAZZ BABY is filled with suspense, action, drama and even humor. The author’s writing skills truly shine in this debut novel, making it very worthy of 5 STARS. You are hooked from page one and on the edge of your seat through each little suspenseful twist.



THE BOY WHO SPOKE TO GOD by Randa Handler   <>

In this book, we see four different ethnic tribes—Greeks, Chinese, Zulus, and Mayans—who live harmoniously together for much of the year. However, when religious holidays approach, their diversity becomes evident because they aren’t able to come to an agreement on those holidays. When young Niko begins asking questions about their diversity, he dreams of God. He shares his dreams, but never expected the reaction he receives.

This is an adorable children’s book, filled with hope. We get to see the God of many faiths and religions through the eyes of a child. The author focuses on the importance of prayer and unity when it comes to difference of opinion on religion.

The message alone in this book makes it worth a read. The story is well-written and easy to follow, the characters are relatable, and the pictures make it perfect for a child. There are real issues—serious ones—in this book, but the author does a splendid job of making it an enjoyable read, one that can be shared between adult and child.




FRACTURED HEART by Krystle Lewallen   < >

FRACTURED HEART opens with Katy, dealing with the unexpected death of her beloved grandmother. This one horrific incident seems to cause a domino effect for Katy. About to graduate high school, with a bright future ahead of her, things change abruptly. Katy is left with some tough decisions that could affect the rest of her life. Decisions that wouldn’t just affect her, but those that she cares for most.

This book is about Katy’s journey to healing, forgiveness and self-discovery. This is such a powerful, moving and inspirational read. You are hooked from page one. We get to see the story happen through Katy’s viewpoint and you will experience the same emotional roller coaster as she does. The characters are filled with compassion and courage. I immediately fell in love with them, especially the almost-perfect Caleb, and enjoyed watching these characters and relationships develop. I especially enjoyed watching Katy recognize her relationship with God and discover the importance of her faith.

FRACTURED HEART is filled with elements that many readers would enjoy—romance, humor and suspense; hope, love, courage, and faith. I also believe that we can all appreciate and learn from the lessons throughout the book, like Katy does. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone wanting a heart-felt story that leaves you inspired.



Until next time, lovelies………………………………HAPPY READING & REVIEWING & MANY BLESSINGS!!!


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