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Weekly Review #37

Good morning, bloggers!!!

Hope you are doing well today! Lots to update you on, so let’s just jump right to it! 


Writing: I have PASSED 32k words!! I have finally decided to consider myself a writer of YA Romance. Looking back at my *many* WIP, all of them fit that genre. So why not make it official, right?  🙂  My goal is still to have this first novel completed before the year is up. That should be MORE than enough time. Gosh, I hope so! I have a few close friends and family members that have agreed to read through my first/second draft. So that will help the editing process go quicker. I can hope, at least!

Bottom line…The writing is happening. And I’ve been super busy, so I haven’t spent as much time as I would like on it, but I’m getting back into the swing of things now!
((Check out my #AmWriting post to share your input & advice. Please.))

A Shining Moment: No news here. Have I told you about the class reunion? Well, it was a success. I loved every minute of it. We’re trying to figure out our housing situation (won’t get into that here!) and, hopefully, once we have a decision for that, I can get back to making my business happen.

Rave Reviews Book Club: IS GROWING!!! We have passed 400 members, which is wonderful. We are a busy, busy Board…that’s for sure! We have a lot going on. Our first writing contest (poetry) just ended and we’re already working on our next one. We have the MENTOR PROGRAM, perfect for new writers and experienced writers to connect. Plus we always have our BOOK OF THE MONTH. This month our BOTM is The Reunion by Atoyia Pencil. Our next session of “SPOTLIGHT” Author blog tours will start up soon. Those are always a blast!! Since I know you are curious, here’s the link to RRBC:

Life: Been wondering about what’s taken up a great deal of my time lately? Well…were to begin??? The family situation I previously mentioned involved my aunt having a massive stroke. We were told her paralysis was permanent and that she would never walk again. BUT those doctors can’t stop God’s handy work. I was able to see her walk last week. She has progressed amazingly! We are so thankful to God for this miracle.  🙂

Do you remember the tornadoes of 2011? Barely missing the 3 year mark of that devastating day, tornadoes struck again. My father and my grandmother both were in the path. My dad’s home didn’t have much damage, but he was surrounded by trees. My grandmother wasn’t as lucky. A tree fell on one end of her house. We don’t think the damage is too extensive, but we still don’t know for sure. We were all very fortunate this time during the storms. Just ready to get back to normal. Prayers are always appreciated!

One last section…REVIEWS!!

LOVING NATE by Janice Ross is about Leah Daniels and her falling in love with Nathan Moore. Leah quickly falls for this charming man and their love is tested…a lot! Leah is left with a difficult decision. BUT there is a twist! The author provides two very different endings. This gives readers the opportunity to truly reflect on the different outcomes, the different possibilities.

This was such a quick read and the story flows effortlessly, as we see the world through Leah’s eyes. You dive head first into her life, being pulled right along with her. What Leah experiences is something many people can relate to because love like this does, in fact, exist. A love that completely takes over, becoming stronger and more important than reason.

The characters of LOVING NATE are just as real as the emotions are raw. And we get to see them change and develop as the story— and their relationship— progresses. The fact that we have alternate endings makes this novella even better. As readers, we often wonder what would’ve happened if a different decision had been made. Well, Janice gives us the opportunity to see that.

There is only one drawback for LOVING NATE……I wanted more! I wanted to read about Leah’s next chapter of her life.

((Check out this awesome page >> Kindle Ninja Reviews << Not only is the KN great at giving reviews, but he also conducts  some entertaining interviews. AND I may or may not have helped with a post with ONE book, TWO reviewers! So much fun!!!))


In GENTLEMEN PREFER MISCHIEF by Emily Greenwood, we find the prim and proper Lily Teagarden. Because of crazy rumors due to strange noises and lights, she is forced to approach her neighbor, Viscount Roxham—aka Hal. Hal is nothing but trouble, having broken Lily’s heart years before as a teenager. Despite their differences, she is desperate to put an end to those crazy rumors. However, the investigation turns into something that neither could’ve expected.

This is such a wonderful read! Emily’s style of writing cannot be beat. You are immediately pulled into this historical romance, anxious to watch the story unfold. The characters each have a unique and dynamic personality. They will completely sweep you away and even melt your heart, at times. We’re able to see the view from both the main characters, which makes it more real, more personal. Lily is a strong and determined woman, one that we could only strive to be. Hal is adorable, with his sneaky, yet charming ways. The chemistry between the two is…WOW! And their witty banner is rather amusing, providing this novel with a nice touch of humor.

I loved Emily’s first book of the REGENCY MISCHIEF SERIES and I believe I enjoyed this one just as much, if not more. I am anxious to read the next book, which I’m sure will be equally worthy of 5 stars.


I hope you enjoyed today’s Weekly Review. I certainly enjoyed you stopping by!! I look forward to what next week brings!!


Until next time………………………………………love & blessings!!


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