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Meet Bill Ward…

Good morning, bloggers!!

I have another treat for you today!! An extra special featured guest!! I welcome RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Bill Ward!! Not only is he a talented writer, but he is a very supportive member of Rave Reviews. I’m so happy to have him here with us today!!

As always…sit back, relax and enjoy Bill’s views on EBOOK VERSUS PHYSICAL BOOKS…

As a newly self-published author, I have been intrigued to find my eBook sales are streaking ahead of physical sales by a ratio of approximately 6/1. I can’t confirm with any certainty my experience is normal but it has prompted me to speak to a few other authors, as a form of survey and the results do seem to confirm my experience is not unusual.

Personally, I enjoy the experience of holding a book in my hand and turning the pages. Quite possibly you will think this is to some degree age related. I recently had my 60th birthday but sadly have spent the last 40 years in IT, rather than writing, so it is not that I am uncomfortable generally with technology.

Of course, price is a very important factor in the massive increase in sales of eBooks and it must be viewed as positive, as it makes books more easily available to anyone on a tight budget. Given our children are becoming used to so many electronic aspects to their daily lives, then perhaps eBooks are essential to encourage the young to read more, though I am not entirely convinced, as personally I think you can attach greater value to a real book you share at bedtime with your children, compared to just another image on a screen.

As a self-published Author I originally published an ebook and wasn’t certain I would produce a paperback version. However, after speaking with my dear Mum I realised a paperback version would be necessary if only for her! She is 80 and wanted to support me by buying my recently available book. It was very difficult trying to explain how I had written a book which people could buy but it wasn’t in printed form and was still a real book!

I am not sure of the impact on book shops and libraries if hard copy sales continue to fall. I can spend hours in a book shop looking at the shelves and as a child spent many hours in libraries. I am not a Luddite but should we be concerned that a reliance on electronic reading might also leave us exposed to new forms of censorship and control in the future? Is it a further step towards an Orwellian state?

I am also including some great marketing tips from Bill. These are AWESOME for newbies!!

So you have written your book and are ready to do some marketing. Ideally you need to start your marketing well in advance of your book’s launch to make the greatest impact on launch day. Make a plan!

So here are six examples of important marketing activity on a very limited budget:

1. The first contact any potential reader has with your book is your Title, Cover and Synopsis. These need to be good and if you aren’t sure what constitutes good, scan examples of books in your genre written by famous authors.

2. Write a vibrant BIO to appear on the sites where you are marketing your books e.g. Amazon. Remember, you are also marketing yourself so make yourself sound interesting. Readers are more likely to believe an interesting person is capable of writing an interesting book!

3. Join all the free sites where you can promote your book. This will involve extensive research. If it’s free then take advantage of it. Don’t just stick with being on one or two sites you think are the best. Contribute extensively to forums and comment on blogs. As you become better known so will your books.

4. Have a good Website and/or Facebook page. Also commit to using Twitter regularly. This is hard work at first when you won’t have many followers but with perseverance you will find people coming to you after a while not just responding to you following them.

5. Email everyone you have ever known with the details of your new book. Then email them again a week later to thank them for their interest. This may make you feel uncomfortable but gave me some of my best early reviews!

6. Run a Giveaway on either Goodreads or your own website. This is a great way to get exposure for your book pre-launch or soon after.

This is a far from exhaustive list of marketing activities just some suggestions to get you started.

My final bit of advice for the new author is to ensure you do something positive to promote your book every day.

Author Bio

Bill has recently retired from the corporate world and has finally fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become an author. He has written two thrillers, Revenge and Encryption, with the expectation of many more to follow.
Bill lives in Brighton, UK with his German partner and has seven daughters, a son, two horses, a dog and two cats!

Encryption can be purchased at most online retailers including:


Encryption Synopsis

In a small software engineering company in England, a game changing algorithm for encrypting data has been invented, which will have far reaching consequences for the fight against terrorism. The Security Services of the UK, USA and China all want to control the new software.
The Financial Director has been murdered and his widow turns to her brother-in-law to help discover the truth. But he soon finds himself framed for his brother’s murder.
When the full force of government is brought to bear on one family, they seem to face impossible odds. Is it an abuse of power or does the end justify the means?
Only one man can find the answers but he is being hunted by the same people he once called friends and colleagues.

I hope you enjoyed today’s featured guest. I certainly did!! But I always do!!  🙂  I highly recommend checking Bill and his books out. I’ve read some nice reviews for his works. Go see for yourself!!


Until next time, lovelies…………………………………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!!


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