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Weekly Update #38

Good morning, bloggers!!

I hope today finds you well, happy and feeling accomplished! I have been a busy little bee!

Have you seen my recent posts? I’ve had some exciting things to share! Author Sherry Soule came by for a visit, to promote her new YA Paranormal/Sci-Fi series. You can check it out here. And, just so you know, she’ll be coming back in a couple weeks! I also participated in TWO blog tours (#7things and Meet My Main Character). They were so much fun and I do hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Ready to jump down to business?? Let me catch you up to my *crazy* and *awesome* life!!  🙂

1) A Haunted House: Remember my Do you believe in ghosts? post? (That’s a mouthful! lol) Well, things calmed down after that, but over the last few weeks, have started up again! I keep hearing odd noises throughout the house. Hubby swears I’m crazy and hearing things, but I occasionally catch him with a questionable look after said noise. I have attempted to investigate, but nothing!

One day this week, I was alone at home. (MIL went to visit Granny.) I often will block the outside world by listening to #SlackerRadio via headphones. This particular day, I was doing just that. I thought I heard a noise and when I took my headphones off, I heard a man’s voice. He sounded like he was right outside my door, but when I looked out…nothing. And again, Harli (my four-legged baby) was having a fit about something outside, but I saw nothing.

Now, this is the SECOND time I’ve heard a voice, but couldn’t find the person. I am not a fan of this recurrence. To make matters worse, let me share something else with you.

We have an alarm system, installed at the end of last year. This is one of those that will report whenever  doors open. Well, hubby and I were just getting settled for bed, finishing our nightly prayers, when “Back door ajar.” (Please know the alarm had not been set yet.) Now, MIL is in bed because we had to help her get settled. We’re the only other people in the house. I immediately panic, afraid someone is breaking in.

Hubby and I slowly walk to the kitchen, where the back door is and what do we find……it’s CLOSED! Yes, the door is closed but the alarm system is still showing it is open. So we fiddle with the door, turn down the sounds and go back to bed. The same thing happened two nights later. Weird?? I’d like to blame it on a faulty system, but I just don’t know. It doesn’t happen often, just twice now actually. What are your thoughts?

2) A Momentary Glance: I had SO much fun introducing my main character for the blog tour. I’m so thankful that A.R. Rivera invited me along. I insist you check out her page, by the way!  🙂  I know many of you are writers and a lot of the process that goes into your novel is second nature. You don’t think about some of the elements that might baffle a non-writer. (No, I’m not bringing up the fact that we, writers, talk to ourselves and have real conversations in our head, sometimes out loud. I wouldn’t embarrass us like that!) Like how thorough we are with our characters. We see them, we hear them, we know how they feel, how they’ll react in certain situations. We envision our story, as if it were already a movie. We either know what’s going to happen before it’s even on paper or the story will simply flow through our fingertips with barely a thought. It is truly amazing to have that kind of creativity. 

((I say this because I am a writer. It’s my passion. I use my words. You may use paint or music or something entirely different. Everyone’s different. Everyone has their own passion and creativity.))

3) Book Reviews: Below you will find two reviews that I have recently posted on Amazon & Goodreads. The authors of these books both belong to that awesome book club I’m always going on about. RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. Wonderful authors, great books, incredible perks and an inspiring Governing Board. What more could you ask for in a book club??

4) Speaking of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. We have a new writing contest going on for our members: A Day in the Life of a Writer. The first prize is awesome!! Another fab thing we have going on…we are planning for our first WRITER’S CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO. I am so very excited about this! Getting to meet face to face with my RRBC family? Yes, please!! AND what could be better than involving our incredible members in the planning, by way of survey. So you know some of the great things we have going/planned at RRBC and you’re still not a member? I know, I’m shaking my head too.  😉



SO THE FEELING SHOWS is an anthology, where we get to read about modern relationships and what means some people will go to in those relationships. Lessens are learned, mistakes are made, but, for some, life does go on.

The characters you are introduced to are quite believable. Their emotions are real and raw. The stories and the situations that some of these people experience will make you think…make you wonder what you would do. There are twists and surprise endings, and even some endings you’ll think came too soon.

Overall, the author does a splendid job of revealing human emotion, pulling the reader in from the very beginning.

PLAIN DEALING by Shelley Young

PLAIN DEALING is a small rural town where everyone knows everything about everybody. And the rumor mill is constantly on over-drive. The small town is turned upside down when a murder occurs. It doesn’t take long for the rumors to start and, despite the lack of evidence, all fingers point to one person.

Newcomer Dr. Tell and town outcast Alison Saunders find themselves thrown together in a twist of fate. The events that transpire from that one murder bring these two together in a way no one could have expected.

The small town life of PLAIN DEALING is evident, not just in the story itself, but also in the characters. The characters are intriguing, each having their own personality. I especially enjoyed the unlikely pairing of Alison and Dr. Tell. Alison has lived her life alone and unwanted and completely unaware of the fact that something is missing from her life. Dr. Tell is rumored to have a dark side, but often shows that he can be very compassionate and caring. They have an amazing chemistry, which leads to some rather steamy “adult” moments. (Definitely not for the kiddos!)

PLAIN DEALING is quite the suspenseful read, full of twists and surprises, almost everywhere you turn! You are often left on the edge of your seat, anxious to see what happens next. This is a great book that has a lot to offer, which is why it was difficult to put down at times. Suspense, humor, hope and love…all make for a great read!


I hope you enjoyed today’s Weekly Review. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us!!


Until next time………………………………………………love & blessings!!!


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