Weekly Review #39

Good morning, bloggers!!

Let me begin by saying Happy Independence Day!! I hope you and your family have a wonderfully, blessed day. Enjoy each other. Embrace each other. Cherish those memories!

I hope you all have had an awesome week!! I also hope you are getting to enjoy a 3-day weekend, or at least an extra day off.  🙂  I know off days do NOT happen as often as we like, so please enjoy today.

Now……let’s jump right into today’s Weekly Review!


1)  Writing: Well, I have taken some time away from A MOMENTARY GLANCE. I think this is a much-needed break. I’ve been struggling with moving forward in the story, so I’m switching gears! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had this idea in my head. About a book. About what I want to express in this book. SO I’m finally putting those thoughts into action. I don’t want to give away too many details because, well, aren’t surprises just fun?!? I will say that this book will be moreso a collection. I’ve went to Twitter, asking for quotes and sayings. I’ve had a few share some great ones and am hoping for a few more tidbits of inspiration. (Please feel free to leave your favorite quotes/sayings in the comments section.)  I plan to get a lot of work done this weekend, so fingers crossed it happens!
Want to offer more input? How about choosing your favorite title from these: A LIFE INSPIRED; INSPIRATION TIDBITS; LESSONS IN LIFE; THIS IS WHO I AM. Would love to hear your thoughts!!

2) AdvoCare: We are still with this amazing company. We are actually about to embark on another 24 Day Challenge. I can’t wait!! Because of our hectic schedules (LIFE), we have gotten way off track. It’s time to get our booties back in gear!! And that’s exactly what I intend to do!

I would love to get a group together. (It can be virtually, of course.) As a group, we support and encourage and motivate one another. We keep each other going! New to the AdvoCare scene? No worries! AdvoCare is about changing your lifestyle to create a better YOU. It’s not just one of those lose weight fast schemes. It’s lose weight healthily, while increasing your energy level and making  you feel so much better overall. You wake up happier because you know you’re doing something good for yourself AND your body AND your life in the long run. If you want to know more, just ask! I’ll be happy to share anything I can with you.  🙂

3) Reading: I’m getting back into my “normal” reading routine. I absolutely love to read and am so thrilled to get back to it! You’ll find two book reviews below, both of which I highly recommend you checking out. And I’ll have more for you next week!


WHERE BLUEBIRDS FLY is about thirteen year old Ruby, who’s life gets flipped upside down when she is sent to live in a residential school for girls with emotional problems. Not only does she dislike being at the school and away from home and her baby sister, but she feels like an outcast around these new people that she is forced to live with. There are few things that make her happy now. One is her bag of rocks that reminds her of happier times with Nanna. The other is writing letters to her sister, Lucy. These are her only escapes. And despite how horrible life seems to young Ruby, things are about to change even more.

Like Wendy’s other book—BRING ME SUNSHINE (which I loved!!)—this book focuses a great deal on family and strengthening those special bonds. And although this is a very moving and inspiring story, the author throws in some twists that will make you anxious for the conclusion. (It was a rather quick read for me because of how much I enjoyed it.)

Even though Ruby is barely a teenager, she has such a strong personality. As the reader, you feel for her and wish for something good to happen. The other characters are equally dynamic and the relationships that build will truly touch your heart, especially Ruby’s love for her sister (very evident in the letters) and her Nanna.

WHERE BLUEBIRDS FLY is a fabulous book!! It’s heart-warming and emotional from beginning to end. And it just so happens to make several references to “Wizard of Oz,” which is an awesome bonus! This is one of those books that you will read quickly, just because of how wonderful it is. The storyline, the characters, the writing…all elements for a 5 stars book.




LOST IN STARLIGHT is about high school reporter, Sloane Masterson. She may have confidence issues, but she’s a girl that’s not afraid to go against the crowd. The subject of her next story is Hayden Lancaster, the hot new guy in school, aka her crush. There’s a deep connection between these two total opposites. What starts off as a story on hacking, turns into something out of this world! Sloane has more questions than answers and things just seem to get more complicated.

This made for such a great read! Page after page, you are anxious to see what happens next. The story, mixing romance with sci-fi with action, will completely captivate you. The author’s writing will put you in the story. Reading from the viewpoint of the heroine, Sloane, you can’t help but feel what she feels as the story unravels.

We see a variety of characters, most with spunky, fun-loving personalities. They all add different elements to the story. And they all have a fascination with all things horror, which I loved!! (Because, as you know, I’m one of those weirdos that loves horror!) Of course, the main characters, Sloane and Hayden, are the ones you fall in love with, the ones you root for until the end. The immediate connection between these two, and then the chemistry that builds, will pull at your heartstrings. To be young and have such strong feelings so quickly….*sigh*

It ends with a cliffhanger and, yep you guessed it…you are left anxious for the next read! (Which, by the way, isn’t for another 6+ months! *double sigh*)

LOST IN STARLIGHT has everything that makes a novel a fantastic read—a tough heroine and a braniac hottie; a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat story; romance with surprising twists; and an ending that will make you long for volume 2. It is every bit worthy of 5 stars and highly recommended.

Amazon US:



I hope you enjoyed catching up with me today. Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Until next time………………………………………love & blessings!!

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