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Good morning, bloggers/readers/writers!!
Today, I have a very special post to share with you. This is not my own creation. I can’t take credit for this one; no, this technology article was created by Sonia Chopra of PennedApp. And I sincerely think you will enjoy it.  🙂

WRITE OR WRONG: Technology Has Impacted Writing Negatively 
Remember when kids used to have ‘pen pals’? Not ‘friends’ on Facebook or ‘followers’ on Twitter… But real ‘pen-pals’ who would continuously write hand-written letters, thus prompting hand-written responses?… Human beings who you developed a personalized and intimate relationship with… Relatives who would send pages of cursive notes or hand-made birthday cards? 
What about the times of constant trips to the book-stores or libraries, when feeling the crisp pages of the novel in your hand and flipping through each chapter created feelings of curiosity. Between the Kindle, social media, and general internet, book-stores across the country are slowly shutting down (similar to the destruction of movie-rental stores) and traditional methods of writing are slowly shifting to what has become the modern standard. 
While recent generations have been attached to texting and Facebook, it seems like writing has actually increased among the masses: There are over 2 billion e-mail users; 180 million blogs; 400 million daily tweets; and 8.6 trillion SMS annual text messages (, 2013). Writing has not lost its relevancy in our lives, but has gained a new meaning with the constant changes of technology. 
For the traditional authors and novelists, they are finding that they must explore other means of getting work out to the public. With an increase in published individuals, there is also an increase in competition amongst the writing community. Now this is where technology offers great advantages.  How do authors use it to connect with their readers?
Since we are constantly on the go, with cell phones attached to our sides, one new and popular option is an app called Penned. It is for writers and readers to create, share, and interact with other artists of similar interests. By uploading word stories chapter by chapter, you are able to create an online book or blog. With an array of categories and genre’s to post in, readers and writers can follow others, while commenting, liking, and sharing on various social media sites as well. With similar competitions out there such as Wattpad and Figment, Penned aims to be more interactive and social media friendly — an Instagram for writers. 
So while pen-pals and bookstores may be slowly vanishing, new forms of writing are emerging, so that writers can still hold onto some traditional formats, while merging their talents with the technologies of today.

Let me just say, those stats…WOW!! Those numbers are kind of crazy. It’s almost hard to imagine, hard to wrap your head around.
A huge THANK YOU to Sonia for sharing this with me, with us!
Now, I cannot personally tell you of my experience with Penned. I haven’t been able to download the app YET. I plan to very soon, though. And I encourage you to do the same. I think this entire concept is awesome!! To me, there’s not much better than connecting with like-minded people……sharing your thoughts and ideas, while giving feedback on someone else’s.
So what are you waiting for?? Give it a try!!
Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.55.01 PM
Until next time………………………………………………Happy Connecting!!!

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