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Meet Dye Haven…

Good morning, awesome bloggers/readers/writers!!

I am so very pleased to introduce you to one of the stars of The Xenton!! I am SO EXCITED to have DYE HAVEN with us today, who needs no introduction.

All I can say is……sit back, relax and enjoy!!!


Before I get started I just wanna say that’s is pretty cool to be getting interviewed by the one and only Marlena Hand. Superhero or not I’d take time out to help her out.

Please tell us about the Brotherhood. Which of your siblings do you relate to more?
Okay let’s see,  hmm about the brotherhood. I guess you mean mine. You know some people can’t believe that we’re all related. And by only a year apart I guess I can see why people get that idea. Corrine is understandable because she’s 21 and Mack is 18, a nice little age gap. As for the rest of us,  I guess you can say we’re like any other group of siblings, all guys,  excluding Corrine, who is more like a boy than any of us. There’s Mack who’s the oldest,  girl crazy, brute,  and could probably be an alpha werewolf if he was bitten. He’s a nice guy when not in a bad mood. Jason on the other hand is kinda of the laid back, care less brother while Sam is the complete opposite. Always on edge,  always stressed out about something every week.  And then there’s me,  your lovable baby brother of the group. People say I’m naive but I like to call it being optimistic. Can’t live in this world today with out some type of positive energy,  am I right? Guess you can say I’m the “hope giver” to my brothers. As for relating to any of them I am confident to say that I’m my own person. If you haven’t noticed we’re all pretty different to the point that people think we’re not related at all,  like cousins twice removed, whatever that means. But all in all I look up to all of them. Being the youngest I always care what my brothers and sister have to say and always want their advice.  We always stick together no matter what. Except that one time when Griflore was on a rampage through out the city and Mack refused to help us. He came around eventually and we blew the weird Griffin freak sky high. He was an actual Griffin,  like lion’s body and eagle’s head and all. And big, I mean huge,  like he could use the Stratosphere in Vegas as a scratching post.

What was it like learning about your family’s secret?

I mean becoming Xenton wasn’t really a family secret. If it was then go Mom and Dad for being superheroes. Na,  it was something that just happened to us out of the blue. Granted I was the only one who found it sweet to become Xenton,  even though I didn’t know what it was at the time. It took a while for my brothers to come around. But they eventually did once the city was under attack by Griflore.  I mean our military was being toppled for crying out loud. If you had superpowers,  and a maniacal purple armored psycho path was destroying your city,  what would you do? That’s what I thought. So we armored up, took on that purple armored psycho and did what needed to be done,  on more than one occasion mind you. But we overcame the threat and became the world’s first batch of superheroes (as far as we know).

After Griflore I knew things would probably get worse with the world. Where there’s one villain there’s a whole pool. So after the final battle, Corrine and I told Mom and Dad we were going to summer camp, which was a cover of course. We actually went with Arayan to train in the Fire Sanctuary. Which to my surprise was in a volcano somewhere in Hawaii. I was fine adjusting,  me being the Xenton of the Flames,  Corrine had to take a bit more time and oddly enough Arayan adjusted just fine, which I thought was weird. You see, the thing about Arayan is that he’s like the big brother you never thought you had or wanted. He’s weird to the point that he knows about things that happened before the dawn of time, and he looks no older than Jason. Pretty sketch I know,  but after a while I learned to trust him. I mean who better to teach us to cope and get stronger with our Xentonian powers than him,  especially with the Coalts on their way with a full invasion. The training was grueling especially learning how to master certain techniques. I think one of my favorite techniques is making copies of myself. I could make more in a fight but I only have the stamina to make up to five,  because of my age Arayan says. Oh well. But know that we’re ready to save the world again and that is what really makes it worth the struggle.

How does it feel knowing you helped saved the world and are being called a hero?

Yeah we’re  Heroes,  we saved the world on so many occasions. But it’s not about the fame and the glory,  the recognition, it’s all about us giving the world something that it lost so long ago and that’s hope. Just knowing that there are people out there who are protecting you,  keeping you safe day in and day out is enough to make the most paranoid person go to the beach and get a tan.  The way I see it,  everything happens for a reason and us becoming Xenton happened so our courage can be your hope. Who knows what may happen in the future,  or tomorrow,  all I know is my siblings and I won’t rest until we have everything in this world safe and calm, lol of course that’s asking for a lot,  but we’re  willing to take on the challenged.  Wouldn’t you??

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Awesomely entertaining interview, right? And this is only ONE of The Xenton. Can you imagine how incredible seeing them all together would be? What are you waiting for?!

Until next time…………………………………………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!

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