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I am SO excited to welcome this very special guest today, John Howell!! John is a very talented writer, an incredible supporter of Indie Authors and an awesome member of Rave Reviews Book Club. When I heard the exciting news that John was selected as a “SPOTLIGHT” Author, I jumped at the chance to host him!!   🙂

So, without further ado, I present Author John Howell ………



This is the ninth stop on what has been a fantastic tour as a Rave Reviews Spotlight Author. If you would like to be chosen for this honor you need to be a member. To find out how, go to the website and read all about it. You can also see all my tour stops listed under Spotlight Authors.

Photo by Tim Burdick

I would like to give your readers some information about the main characters in My GRL. Many reviewers have made the comment that they appreciate the fact that the character list is short enough so that they are remembered as the reader progresses through the story.

John J. Cannon is the protagonist. He is a normal guy for a litigation lawyer who has about four million dollars in the bank. He is fond of boats and buys My GRL to see if a charter captain’s life is more rewarding than litigation work. John has simple tastes and enjoys a good meal as well as occasional Tanqueray on the rocks with two olives. He is also slightly Obsessive Compulsive and the symptoms crop up now and then and to his surprise in some of the strangest situations. John has not been successful in relationships. He feels he falls in love too easily and is usually disappointed. He was deeply hurt with one girlfriend when he pulled out a ring and she said, “Let’s not ruin a perfectly good day.” John is a kind and generous person who can think on his feet. He has a great sense of humor that’s on the dry side.

Ned Tranes is the police chief of a small Texas fishing town where John has decided to locate. Ned is an ex-FBI agent and although looks a little laid back is a very competent police officer. He and John have trust issues initially due to John being found unconscious next to the body of the woman who sold him My GRL. Ned is an older man who carries himself with the confidence of having lived through a number of harrowing circumstances in the past.

Sarah Barsonne is the best friend of the young woman who was murdered and left next to unconscious John Cannon. Sarah is a lawyer who has some experience in working undercover on behalf of her clients. She and John hit it off and John would like to try and see if there is a possibility of a relationship. Sarah seems not too sure they could be a couple. She doesn’t feel she can stay in the town where her friend has been killed.

Matt Jacobs is the money behind the terrorists. He has a misguided belief that all Christians and Jews should be punished for taking his homeland of Palestine away from his people. Although he got his start in the family business Matt was able to build an empire on his own. He is very conscious of his community standing and was totally caught off guard when John won a major litigation case against his company. Matt has as an objective to seek revenge not only on America but also John specifically. Matt is urbane and reflects superior taste in clothes, cars and women.

Paul Winther is Matt Jacobs second in command. He is the one selected to lead the mission and is proud of the trust placed in him by Jacobs. He is sophisticated and has planned every detail of the activities that will culminate in the destruction of American confidence. Paul is very likable and genuinely believes in the purpose of his mission. He is thoroughly convinced the West needs to be punished for the sins of the fathers. He believes there are no innocent combatants and has no remorse for what is to come.

Jason Savard is a navy SEAL who has been kidnaped by the terrorists and being held against his will. He is a strong and effective warrior. Unfortunately, the terrorists are holding his sister hostage so he is doing their bidding until he can find a way to break free.

Gerry Starnes is the young woman killed in the opening scene of the book. She is a lovely person who had a career but chose to relocate to the fishing town to start over. She becomes a boat sales person and selling the boat to John eventually costs her life.



Because John is such an incredible member of Rave Reviews Book Club, I am sharing an additional post about his book. This is how the story of My GRL came to be …

My GRL_johnwhowell

My sister and I were touring the aircraft carrier Lexington (the second ship to carry the name) which is moored in Corpus Christi Bay. The Lexington was called the Blue Ghost by the Japanese during World War Two. The reason she picked up this nickname was several times the ship which has a blue hue to its paint was reported sunk by Imperial fleet pilots and ships. The Japanese were quite surprised after such reports to be on the receiving end of a very active ship and crew. The Lexington was involved in a number of memorable battles including the taking of Iwo Jima and the bombing of the Japanese mainland. She now is a museum and the reason my sister and I want to tour her was our father was a naval aviator and served on board her from 1944 until 1945. We wanted to see the areas that our father worked and lived. Such a trip carried a tremendous amount of emotion since one rarely is able to walk the hallowed space once occupied by a loved one that was taken when I was a boy of ten. Yes, he survived the war only to succumb to cancer six years later.

While standing on the huge flight deck of that great boat it occurred to me that this former weapon and a symbol of America’s past military victory was unarmed and totally vulnerable to any kind of attack. I was thinking that if a terrorist group wanted to destroy her they would be able to do it without much resistance.

After the tour and after going back home, I sat down and constructed a scenario where a group of terrorists set out to destroy the Lexington. I then developed a way to prevent such a thing from happening. The story natural evolved from there. The actual story does not contemplate the destruction of the Lexington but is not far off. The interesting part about the story is the protagonist John J. Cannon is the only one who knows about the plot to destroy a symbol of America and is the only one who can prevent it. The following trailer will show a little of the thriller nature of the story.

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Thank you so very much for stopping by today. Please continue showing your support to this talented Indie Author. You can check out his other blog tour stops by visiting the RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author page.


Until next time, lovelies…………………Happy Reading  & Reviewing!!!

17 thoughts on “Meet John W. Howell…”

  1. I have loved following you on your tour John, and hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the spotlight … I now have MY GRL on my kindle and can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting John, today Marlena 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Sally Ember, Ed.D. and commented:
    I WAS RUDELY INTERRUPTED. As I was saying, John Howell really is EVERYWHERE! Want to know even more? Watch/listen to our great LIVE conversation from earlier this month, Episode 14 of *CHANGES*:
    #Authors: Learn more about and get yourself on or, #readers, recommend someone to be scheduled as a guest: *CHANGES* G+ HOA


  3. I’ve enjoyed following you on the tour this week, John, and look forward to your future blog posts. Congrats again on your Spotlight week!
    Thanks for hosting, Marlena. You know I love your blog:)


  4. Wow! What a wonderful post to finish a great “Spotlight” author blog tour! I thoroughly enjoyed the character summaries and was enthralled with the story of how this book came to be written! Bravo, my friend!! Thanks for hosting John on his final day, Marlena! I just love your site!


  5. John, thanks for the character list. What a great idea! I may have to steal it at some point. Lol congratulations on an awesome tour. I hope many readers will discover #MyGRL, & like it as much as I do.
    Marlena, thank you for hosting, & for doing SO much for all of us in #RRBC. 🙂


    1. Rebecca, I once was in a class taught by Elmore Leonard. His advice keep the character count to a point where the reader doesn’t have to think about “who the hell is this?” Thanks for following the tour


  6. I am so glad I had the pleasure of sharing my blog with you, John! I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time in the Spotlight. You certainly deserved every bit of support you received.
    Thank you to everyone that has stopped by to show their support. You rock!!


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