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I have a very special treat for you today… Author John Fioravanti is gracing us with his presence. Not only is he a talented author, but John is a great friend. He is a very supportive member of Rave Reviews Book Club and he serves as our Membership & Incentives Director. Today, he is launching off on an exciting blog tour, presented by 4WillsPublishing. His first stop is with the ever-supporting Nonnie Jules. I’m blessed enough to be his second stop!!  🙂   You can follow along the rest of his awesome tour by visiting the 4Wills page.



I’m grateful to my host of this second post of THE GENESIS SAGA TOUR, and to Nonnie Jules of 4WillsPublishing who arranged it all! The full lineup for this tour can be found @

My purpose, is to give readers a greater familiarity with planet Genesis – within the Equations universe created by author and friend, Kenneth Tam.

To this end, we will continue a series of interviews of some key players in Book One of The Genesis Saga: PASSION & STRUGGLE. Nonnie Jules of the famed interviews, Who’s On The Shelf With Nonnie Jules?’ has agreed to lend her formidable skills to this process. She gave me the nickname “Fio” a while back – so keep that in mind in case she opts to use it! Nonnie and I are comfortably seated in the brightly lit reception area of Navy Headquarters in Genesis City.

NJ:       (Looking around the room trying to hide her agitation. Whispers urgently…)  Fio! You know I don’t care for these kinds of surprises! Where are we NOW?

JF:        (Smiling indulgently) You’re fine, Nonnie. We’re in Navy Headquarters waiting for ArcGeneral Hastings to fit us in…

NJ:       (Incredulous) Really! Liz Hastings is going to drop everything… (her sentence is unfinished as her attention is drawn to an attractive gentleman bidding farewell to the receptionist/Aide. Turning, he spots the visitors and strides toward them with a big grin.)

MR:     Doctor John, so good to see you again! Who is your friend, here? (extends his hand to Nonnie)  I’m Marco Rossini and I’m pleased to meet you!

NJ:       (Smiling, stands and takes Rossini’s hand) Nonnie Jules, and I have many questions I’d love to ask you!

JF:        (Stands and greets Marco with a handshake) Good to see you, Professor! How goes the campaign?

MR:     (Checks the time) I can’t stay now – I have a class on campus in thirty-five minutes. (Looks from John to Nonnie) Will you be here a while? Perhaps we can meet later today.

Receptionist:  Doctor John? The ArcGeneral will see you now.

MR:     (Smiles at Nonnie) So nice to meet you, madam. (Addresses John) I must run, John, please stop by before you leave town! (Waves and strides away.)

Receptionist: Follow me please, Doctor John and Ms. Jules.

(John and Nonnie follow the receptionist to the ArcGeneral’s office where Liz Hastings awaits and ushers them inside the door. John introduces Nonnie and Liz who leads them to three chairs arranged informally beside Hasting’s desk.

LH:      (Addressing Nonnie) Doctor John tells me that you’re interested in our election campaign.

NJ:       For starters, may I call you Liz? I’m afraid ‘ArcGeneral’ is going to slow things down too much… (Liz nods her agreement) and I have no idea when Fio here, (gives John a ‘look’) is going to whisk me away.

Thank you, Liz. After everything I’ve learned about society here, how did a woman become head of the Genesis Navy, and then a candidate for President?

LH:      (Addresses John) May I assume “Fio” is an alternate name of some sort? (John grins, and Liz addresses Nonnie)

            Nonnie, most Churchers look upon me as an offence to the Gods – according to them, women do not involve themselves in public affairs, let alone the military. Among the Naval class, women are able to rise to whatever level their abilities can take them in their chosen line of work. As for politics, (chuckles) believe me, Nonnie, I did not put my name forward as a candidate for the presidency. High Chancellor Bingham asked me to run.

NJ:       Impressive! Now tell me honestly, do you think you have a chance to become President?

LH:      Nonnie, I play to win. Marco and I just finished putting the final touches on our political platform. We’re going to surprise a lot of people. I don’t back down from a fight – my record proves that! I have Marco Rossini as my running mate – the most politically savvy person on the planet.

NJ:       Hmmmm what about that Newton character? Fio tells me he’s your strongest opponent and a big wheel in Churcher circles.

LH:      I’m sure Joshua Newton has his Churcher supporters. But the key will be which class elects the most members to Congress. Right now the polls favour Naval candidates. When they win a majority in Congress, they’ll be sympathetic to Marco and me.

NJ:       (Addresses John) I like this woman! No sugarcoatin’… tells it like it is! (Turns back to Liz) Tell me, what’s your ace in the hole?

LH:      I have two aces, Nonnie. Before the elected Members of Congress vote for the President and Vice President, there will be witnesses testifying before a Congressional committee on behalf of all the candidates. ArcGeneral Sarah Manchester will testify for me, and ArcGeneral Pat Conroy will testify for Marco.

NJ:       Star power! I get it! Fio told me they were famous heroes during the war. I’d just love to find out how Joshua Newton plans to counter that move…

JF:        (John places his hand gently on Nonnie’s arm once more.) As you wish…

Join us tomorrow for Nonnie’s next adventure on planet Genesis.


Author Bio:

John Fioravanti is a retired secondary school Educator who completed his thirty-five year career in the classroom in June, 2008.

Throughout his career, John focused on developing research, analysis, and essay writing skills in his History Classroom. This led to the publication of his first non-fiction work for student use, Getting It Right in History Class. A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching is his second non-fiction work; it attempts to crystallize the struggles, accomplishments, and setbacks experienced in more than three decades of effort to achieve excellence in his chosen field.

John’s first work of fiction is Passion & Struggle and is set within Kenneth Tam’s Equations universe (Iceberg Publishing). He claims that, after two non-fiction books, he’s having the time of his life bringing new stories and characters to life!

At present, John lives in Waterloo, Ontario with Anne, his bride of forty-one years. They have three children and three grandchildren. In December of 2013, John and Anne founded Fiora Books for the express purpose of publishing John’s books.

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I do hope you enjoyed today’s special guest. I certainly enjoyed having John stop by. Please show your support to him, 4WillsPublishing and his other blog hosts. I have no doubt that you will be enlightened, inspired and simply awed during his blog tour.


Until next time…………………

20 thoughts on “The GENESIS SAGA Tour”

  1. Great idea to meet Harvey, Liz and Marco (hope he comes back again sometime soon! 😉 ) again like this Well done Dr. John & Nonnie & great job as tour host Marlena! 😀


  2. A huge THANK YOU to everyone for stopping by and showing your support. John is very deserving of it! It was certainly my pleasure to host him and share this journey with him. I couldn’t ask for a better guest. 🙂


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