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Meet April Adams…

Hello, bloggers!!

I am so very excited to have this lovely lady stop by my blog today. Please help me welcome Author April Adams, the current Rave Reviews Book Club “SPOTLIGHT” Author. She is the author of the Fantasy series, The Legend Of Rune.


Because I adore April so much, I am including TWO of her special posts this week: Guard Your Office and Marketing. I do hope you enjoy!! Now, as always…

Sit back, relax and enjoy………



Guard Your Office

I’ve read a lot about keeping your work area separate from your other life areas. Don’t argue where you sleep is good, if not completely impossible, advice. I have an office with an antique chair passed down to me from my great grandmother. That chair has grooves where my booty has sat for hours on end honing my books.

Unfortunately, that office is also my husband’s office, my son’s school room, and sometimes even a playroom. Keeping those lives totally separate just isn’t possible for us right now. Instead, I switch between my bed and my office as the needs of my family change. I can’t keep one spot only for writing, but when I am there to write I allow no distractions. I guard it diligently.

Every author deserves a beautiful, invigorating environment that stimulates creativity and diligence. I know how seemingly impossible that sounds, but with a little creativity it is not impossible. I know that where I sleep isn’t the ideal place to write. With a hot mug of coffee and a closed door, I can make do though.

Where do you make your office and how do you guard it? I’m interested to know!




I’m wondering how we as indie authors can market our work more effectively. Is there some sort of organization or firm out there that offers affordable book marketing options? If so, I haven’t really found it. I’m not talking about press releases and blog posts. Those are great and effective, don’t get me wrong, but there’s so much more out there!

I want to have sponsored ads out there on all the book sites. I know you can purchase ad space from Goodreads and that’s been helpful but mega-pricey. Free Giveaways are also helpful. But mainstream books get a Facebook/social media team, book signings, radio ads, sometimes TV ads, and so much more.

I’m not a marketer and I have had little to middling success marketing my own work. I have a pretty substantial platform but it does not have a linear or exponential correlation with my sales that I’ve seen. I’m wondering what you all have tried that worked for you? I know that Google Adwords is a waste of money. I spent hundreds in the beginning for almost no return.

What works for you?


Find me online!

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Twitter: @apriladamsnovel

Thank you so much for stopping by today and showing your support! I do hope you take advantage of this exciting blog tour to learn more about this talented author and her books. Do yourself a favor, and rush over to Amazon!!  😉

Until next time………… Make it a great day, readers!!!


12 thoughts on “Meet April Adams…”

  1. Two great posts, April. I agree, it’s not BEST to write where your family life or personal conflicts happen. But, I too am limited with space. I seem to always have a kid near me:) But the way I look at it is, life happens, and if it didn’t, we wouldn’t have much to write about:). Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Also, I have found that I sell the most books when I am at events, in person. People read your facial expressions and the passion you have for your work either shines through or doesn’t. If it does, you sell books. If it doesn’t … well, you can guess. Enjoy the rest of your tour this week!

    Thanks for hosting, Marlena:)

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  2. Very good posts, April! My writing space is my office – it isn’t large, but it’s all mine! I have a great space to write, but I just get too busy with other things to get much done. I’m a hopeless marketer. I had the same experience as Traci – I sold the most copies of my novel at my one and only book event – which I lost money on! Thanks for hosting on your lovely site, Marlena!

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  3. Congratulations Spotlight Author April Adams! What you are saying about servicing authors is so needed. Most of the author amenities are about pricing you right out the market and not offering you a decent package for your hard-earned time and money. We’re treated poorly. You really have to learn how to do most of the work yourself. As far as having somewhere to concentrate, we all make do anyway we can. Anyway, have a wonderful tour.

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  4. What a sweet dream about what every author deserves. These days, some authors are lucky to find a space to work from, like you, like me, and still, we have to go on. And yes, it will be ideal to have a place to call your own. Thank you Marlena for hosting.

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  5. Great posts, April. I have a study but I wouldn’t describe it as beautiful or invigorating! It’s cluttered & has a view of a brick wall! However, it is all mine & I don’t get disturbed.

    As for marketing, when you find the answer, let me know! I have a spreadsheet of bloggers who I contact for reviews and I’m always adding to the list. I think the trick is to build buzz around your release date, get as many people talking about your book as possible. Build connections with authors & bloggers. Make your cover and blurb the best it can be. Create a Pinterest board based on places & characters from your books. Create a Spotify playlist for your book & share it across your social media. Hope that helps!

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  6. I write from an easy chair using an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. I get the occasional odd day off and it’s wonderful.

    As far as marketing, I don’t have a clue. RRBC has been very kind to me though.

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  7. Thank you all so much for stopping by and showing your support to April. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her “SPOTLIGHT” week and I’m sure you all have too. 🙂

    April, it has been a pleasure hosting you and you are welcome back any time!!


  8. I am enjoying following you around this week, April! I am lucky enough to have my own workspace … I’m not so good at the marketing though! I hope you’re enjoying your week in the Spotlight 🙂
    Mar, thanks for hosting April today 🙂

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  9. Thanks for hosting April, Mar. You gave me one more excuse to come visit your awesome blog!! 🙂

    April, I’m having the best time reading your posts, even if a bit late. LOL Congrats!

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