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Meet Lisa Mauro…

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Please help me welcome Author Lisa Mauro. Lisa is on a very exciting blog tour with 4WillsPublishing. Today is her last day, so let’s help her finish this tour in the greatest of ways!! Support, support, support!!


I’d like to thank today’s host and 4Wills Publishing for organizing this amazing opportunity. I hope you all enjoy the tour!

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There was always a transition. There was a transition from one hellhole to another, then on to another. And now, to have my dreams within reach, it felt as though once my hands touched them, they would fall apart as well. As Chinua Achebe so accurately wrote, “Things falls apart.” For me, they so often do.

I realized I was still chewing my lip, and then I looked at the clock. “There’s a half hour, Linda. Time flies.”

“Shit!” she exclaimed. This was an outburst I had never seen from her. I had never heard her curse or be anything other than calm and level-headed at all times. If I had to say I admired anything about her, even with all the stuff I had put her through, it was those qualities I appreciated most. “I have to be at another appointment. Next week, then?” She was already gathering up her files.

“Thanks, Linda. Really, thank you.” I wanted to give her a hug. I hardly ever felt drawn to someone in that way, but I wanted to hug her and thank her tremendously. I wanted to laugh. Most of all, I wanted to laugh. It felt like it had been forever since I’d had a reason to do so. She gathered her things quickly and gave me a wave as I walked out the door.

I couldn’t imagine what semblance of a life she had. She wasn’t the only case worker here, and in fact, she wasn’t even based here. She was a state employee. I had no idea what her case load was, but she always found time for me. If she put in this much time with me, I couldn’t imagine how much she had for herself.

I never saw a wedding ring on her hand, and wondered if she had ever been married, or if she’d decided she was just too busy for such things. I pictured what could only be considered a stereotypical story of a single woman in New York City. She liked coffee. She had cats. So many cats that she worried about who would care for them all if anything happened to her.

I knew this was all a lie. I’d never seen a pet hair or piece of dander on her. Ever. She was always neat, even in this rare glimpse of being frazzled. Sometimes a wisp of hair would be out of place, and in her quick but nonchalant way, she would smooth it back to where it was supposed to be.


Author Bio:
Lisa Mauro is a novelist, blogger and pharmaceutical consultant.  She is the Secretary of the Board of The Women Fiction Writers Association.  The Place We Went to Yesterday is her first novel, published by Heartless Press.  She lives in Boston, MA with her better half, Brian, and an obnoxiously cute kitten, Harper.
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12 thoughts on “Meet Lisa Mauro…”

  1. These extracts are ample proof of the readworthiness of the whole of this admirable book. I gave it 5 stars, and recommend it without reservation.


  2. Congratulations Lisa on your last tour day. I’m sure all went well. Thank you 4WillsPub for presenting Lisa to our members so we can get to know her. I’m sharing this blog with my tweeters and facebook friends.


  3. Hi Lisa & Marlena. I’m late, as always. Lol But hey – at least I made it. And I’m glad I did. Lisa, that was a great post! If the rest of the book is that good then it must be an awesome read. I hope you enjoyed your tour. Marlena, thanks for hosting. 😊


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