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Meet JA Stinger…

Hello, bloggers!!

Welcome to another exciting guest post!! Today, I am welcoming fellow RRBC member, JA Stinger. JA is our current “SPOTLIGHT” Author and I am SO EXCITED to show her support today. I hope you’ll join me by spreading the word about her “SPOTLIGHT” Week. And don’t forget to check out her book, GENERATIONS BEYOND.


j.a. stinger generations beyond cover

Where Inspiration Inspires

I’ll start off with saying that everyone is different. Some writers are able to sit down with a pen and paper and let their imagination and creativity flow without pause. Others will sit at their computers and stare at the computer screen with their fingers poised over the keyboard, trying to will their thoughts into something visible. I believe I fall somewhere in the middle. I have moments of supreme inspiration where I can sit and type for hours and then others where all I can draw upon is a vast nothingness. For the later of the two, I have a cure.

I people watch. I look and I listen.

people watching

If I can’t dream up a character’s name on my own, some random stranger’s name, in whole or part, is up for grabs. I am not above slicing and dicing someone’s name to fit my needs. I don’t take just anything, either. I wait for something to make me stop and go Oh, I like that. I like that a lot.

The truth is, as writers and authors, our minds are always working and taking in the world around us. Nothing is truly safe from being used as story fodder. Even if the briefest of interaction sparks some minuscule detail, it’s enough for us to turn it into three scenes… or more! Take the inspiration when and where you can find it.


About today’s Guest Author:

Author Pic

J.A. Stinger is the author of Generations Beyond. She used her life experiences as a veteran who worked in Military Inteligence. She also called on her life as the oldest of three when creating her character, Aarons.


Generations Beyond

j.a. stinger generations beyond cover

Hidden, buried deep within the government’s archived files of failed military experiments lays a troubling secret. For years, 1953 to 1972 to be exact, a team of doctors and scientists tried unsuccessfully to alter test subjects, hoping to build living, organic weapons for the future. Eventually the project was disbanded, labeled an abject failure – but they were wrong – it just took the passage of time and altered DNA.

Now, years later, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original test pool are different, superior, and dangerous. Project Generations was spawned, a systematic collecting, or scrubbing, of an experiment gone awry. The Generations are hunted, collected, and eliminated before someone discovers the key to controlling them…or perhaps someone already has.

Clouded in secrecy, a General is tasked with the daunting assignment of hoarding or wiping out the past by destroying their future. Captain Christina Aarons, a cursed Generation, is dispatched by the General to locate a new partner, Captain Jonathan Cross, himself the recipient of special abilities. Together the duo battle time, the General, their attraction to one another, and unseen forces to block the laboratory testing and genocide of their brothers and sisters.




Social Media Links:

Twitter: @Jenniferstinger

Thank you so much for stopping by today and showing your support to both me and my guest author, JA Stinger. We greatly appreciate you!!

Please join JA at her other blog tour stops, by visiting the RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author page.

Until next time……………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!!

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  1. Observation works best. Went to Ireland and Greece to soak up the culture. Hope you’re having a great blog tour and enjoying your week in the Spotlight, so to speak. Thank you Marlena, for hosting. Enjoyed the visit.

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