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Meet Jan Hawke…

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Welcome to another edition of “Welcome to my blog…” Today, I am pleased to have “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Jan Hawke!! Jan is a huge part of Rave Reviews Book Club, as she is one of our hard-working Secretaries. We are so grateful for her and her dedication. She is well-deserving of this honor, and Jan… I hope you are enjoying every minute of that SPOTLIGHT!!!   🙂

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… heroes, just for one day?


This is all about influences, because we all have real life heroes, whoever we are, and wherever we come from. For writers, heroes can come from any walk of life, that, more often than not, affect our preferences and can even translate into heroes of our own making. I thought I’d share 3 of my most enduring heroes with you – from my childhood, my teens and as a young(ish) woman.

J.R.R. Tolkien


Yes – OK, entirely predictable! However, I got into Middle Earth not long before my 11th birthday when I totally fell in love with a book for the first time. My bookworm aunt had got The Lord of the Rings when it was at the height of its popularity in the huge paperback edition put out by Unwin and Allen during the late 60’s. She didn’t get on with it at all, and passed the monster on to me, because she knew I was nuts about C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia (as she’d given me the whole collection a couple of Christmases earlier).

I gobbled it up and was completely hooked by the time the hobbits had left the Shire, besotted when they got to Rivendell. And then they were in Moria at the bridge… Gandalf’s fall completely devastated me. I couldn’t believe what I’d read, so went back and read it twice more before I finally burst into tears and cried myself to sleep.

My love for fantasy literature was baptised in Balrog fire that night, and I regard that first reading as my earliest adult, and passionate (in its purest sense) immersion in a novel.


David Bowie


It was the words and the look of him. The singing and music were great too, but the whole ‘Ziggy’ persona was the hook. I met him on radio when ‘Starman’ was first released, so I didn’t know his early work – but I soon remedied that (Hunky Dory was the real soundtrack to my teenage angst phase). But it was flame-haired and weirdly clothed Ziggy that spoke to me most, and lived the sci-fi fantasy out in the spotlight.

The ‘Thin White Duke’ phase wasn’t quite so appealing, but the whole constant shifting of style and characters were beguiling, and Major Tom’s evolution continually fascinated me, as did the other facets of Bowie’s performance art, on stage, cinema or canvas.
His newspaper clipping process for song-writing also appealed strongly – he’ll always be the star man and he’ll never leave us.


Terry Pratchett


Another Tolkien fan, Terry’s belly-laugh, satirical approach to fantasy and its clichés felt so right, even when it bordered on the sacrilegious. Also, he loved orang-utans and made one an early hero of the wizardly Unseen University’s Library (long before JK Rowling put quill to paper) as a result of a catastrophic magical accident.

For those not familiar with Terry’s work, beyond knowing it’s funny fantasy, know that it’s far more than comedic. It has a depth and breadth that is almost heroically philosophic in its humanity, even when he’s writing about Vampires, Elves (very nasty ones), Trolls and Orcs. He writes about life’s vagaries and how to be human, in the knowledge that we should all aspire to ‘rather be a rising ape, than a falling angel’.


Who are your heroes – for as many days as you like?


Jan Hawke is the author of Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey

jan hawke Milele Safari

Available on Amazon


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Twitter handle: @JanHawke



Thank you so much for stopping by today and showing your support to Jan. Please do yourself a favor and check out her book!! You can also follow along the rest of her blog tour by visiting the RRBC website.


Until next time, lovelies……………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!

23 thoughts on “Meet Jan Hawke…”

  1. I had idols too when I was growing up Jan… I think every young person had. My first love, that transported me to my very own dream world was the Technicolor films, Errol Flynn in Tarzan… :D. Thank you Jan for igniting my dream, and thank you Marlena for hosting her.

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    1. That’s two great heroes then, Joy! 😀 Tarzan is awesome and such a charismatic character who shows that living in harmony with nature and our fellow creatures is NOT a dream. As for Errol – he was one of THE original heart-throbs of the silver screen! 😉 For me, he’ll always be the best Robin Hood ever (I was seriously jealous of Olivia de Havilland in that! 🙂

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  2. Great post, Jan! I had a copy of Lord of the Rings but found it too heavy going. However, I loved The Hobbit. As for David Bowie and Terry Pratchett, I loved them both. A sad loss for the world, but a treat for those in the afterlife.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That huge paperback of LotR was quite literally HEAVY! 😀 I had to read it lying ON the bed with it flat in front me, or else my little 10 yr old hands would keep on cramping with the weight of holding of it!
      As for the afterlife – being rocked by all these wonderful people who’ve gone ahead should mean it holds no fears for us when it’s our turn as we’ll be meeting so many admirable new friends. 🙂

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  3. Is it OK for me to admit that I dreamed of marrying the RIFLEMAN and BATMAN was my boyfriend! Of course, I always knew I’d be another-century WONDERWOMAN! And here I am! LOL

    Great post, Jan! Thanks for taking us back.

    Mar, Mar, Mar…you did a great job here, my little darling! Loving your hosting-Wednesdays!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure it’s allowed, Nonnie – but maybe not being married AND having a BF at the same time! 😉 lol
      and Wonderwoman’s a must for a positive female role model – why should the chaps have all the fun of being superheroes! 😀

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  4. Your heroes are formidable Jan. I grew up in Detroit and Brace Beemer (radio Lone Ranger) was my hero as a small kid. When TV came into vogue I immediately crossed over to Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheals. I can still remember the time of going to the movies and seeing the Lone Ranger and Tonto in full color. i was amazed. Thanks Marlena for hosting

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    1. My dad (he’s still my hero) was nuts, and I mean crazy, about ‘cowboys and indians’, John! Watching the LR was mandatory in our house. 🙂 I loved Silver with all my heart and was soooo glad they made him so cool in the Depp Lone Ranger, so a whole new generation could fall in lurve with the legend! 😀

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  5. I’m not much of a movie/tv/music aficionado, so I can’t think of one celebrity I dreamed about. My heroes are people the world doesn’t know; people who live their lives demonstrating sacrificial love for strangers. In my books, my heroes are generally cops, firemen, soldiers, or the gruff guy who does what needs to be done. Great post, Jan! Thanks for hosting, Marlena!

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    1. I agree that the quiet ‘everyday’ unsung heroes are probably the truest there are, for being real and not public ‘personalities’. Rescue teams, doctors and nurses too – especially those who volunteer to go out with Third World Aid or disaster relief and charity organisations – I’m glad I wrote about them in Milele Safari as the world so needs people like that 🙂

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  6. One day my father came home with a box full of comic books and that’s when I fell in love with just reading. We are so influenced by things in our childhood that touch us in ways rarely discussed. Different cultures have different heroes so I can appreciate yours Jan. What we learn from our members. Thanks for sharing your story.

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  7. All dads are heroes in my book Shirley! 😀 Especially those who bring comic books home – nothing is better for getting kids to love reading as entertainment, away from school. The gift of learning to love reading is one of the best things we can give our children that will allow them to live contented, productive lives.

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  8. Hey Jan, one more thing we have in common! Well, two. Definitely loved Tolkien and was hooked early but I’m still into Terry Pratchett and listen to all his books when traveling or having trouble sleeping (no, listening to the Discworld series doesn’t help me sleep but at least I’m not bored!). They both had a great way of making fun of society, our own self-importance as humans and cultural beliefs.

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  9. I loved reading this blog…and all the responses. As a child (like most) my dad was my hero. I used to think that he could do anything, and frankly, I have the stories to prove he could. 🙂

    As an adult, I love the fictional Jason Bourne. Good wins out — always.

    Thank you for this fun exchange!

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  10. THANK YOU all so very much for stopping by today, and showing your support to Jan. YOU ROCK!!!
    Jan, it was my pleasure having you “visit” with me today. You’re welcome anytime!! 🙂


  11. Ah, heroes! They are never meant to last. We lift them up and they either let us down or they die. But where would we be without heroes? They help us find out who we are or who we can be. Great post, Jan!

    Thanks for hosting, Marlena!

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