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Meet Lizzie Chantree…

Hello, bloggers!!

I am pleased to share my blog today with an awesome RRBC supporter, LIZZIE CHANTREE!!! Because of her incredible support to the club and our Members, she has landed in the “SPOTLIGHT” Author seat this week. Congrats to you, Lizzie!!!

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Q&A session with author Lizzie Chantree

1. Are you a confident or anxious writer?

I am somewhere in the middle of both! I am confident when I’m writing, but do have times when I suffer anxiety about how much I have written, if I’m going to meet a self-imposed deadline, or just before publishing a new novel.

2. Do you write a plan for each book as you write them?

I was going to say no, but in reality I do write notes when I have the first idea for my work. For my latest book, Finding Gina, I wrote the whole concept on about two or three sides of A4 paper, then stated to write the full manuscript. I really enjoy the creativity of writing my books by hand, although I then have to type the whole book on my computer afterwards!

3. Do you have a word count set up for each day?

I don’t. With my first novel, Babe Driven, I wrote the whole thing at night and kept writing until the morning. I didn’t know what my word count was until I finished the book. Both Love’s Child and Finding Gina were written during the day and as I took my notebooks everywhere, I wrote a few hundred or thousand words whenever I could.

4. How do you select the theme for your latest work?

The ideas just pop into my head at the strangest moments. It’s why I carry notebooks around. I can sometimes have two or three book ideas while I am writing my current one. I scribble down the ideas and come back to them later.

5. Do you always write in the same genre?

I do always write romance novels, although they are all quite different. Babe Driven is a sizzling beach read, Love’s Child is a medical romance novel and Finding Gina is a magical romance novel. I write in this genre as it is what I love to read most, although do enjoy reading books on design, photography, social media and anything creative. I have also discovered so many books from RRBC authors that are now on my kindle, which are written in a variety of genres.

As an added bonus, I am including a SECOND post from Lizzie, about Character Composition:

I usually discover my characters when they pop into my head and introduce themselves, (this might sound a bit weird to anyone who hasn’t written a book!) I gradually learn about their characteristics and then the story unfolds around them and I imagine the main concept of the book.

Sometimes I know most of the story as I write it, but occasionally things change as I am scribbling away in my notebook and when I eventually type the manuscript on my computer, I am surprised as anyone how it has turned out! I write all my books by hand and then expand the story as I type my notes up in my studio.

All of my main characters have one thing in common; they are strong, even if they don’t believe it themselves. They all have faults and can be egotistical or shy, but through adversity or other challenges in the book, they have to adapt and believe in themselves. I draw ideas from my everyday life and take note of people wherever I go. If you come across a strange lady sitting on a bench staring at you, it will probably be me trying to work out where I can fit you into my latest story!

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Thank you so much for joining us today!!! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us today, and please do check out Lizzie’s other posts!

Until next time, lovelies………… Happy Reading & Reviewing!!

26 thoughts on “Meet Lizzie Chantree…”

  1. Hi Lizzie. I love the Q&A 🙂 I can relate to the anxiety pre-publication; even with seven books out there, I still get nervous when it comes time for launch 🙂 Best of luck with everything!
    Marlena, thank you for being such a wonderful host and so supportive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kudos for writing with pen/pencil, Lizzie! 😀 I could never do that, but I do use notebooks – tons of great thoughts can go on them for ruminating and development later… on my PC note folders! lol
    Thanks for having us all round Marlena – still loving that owl! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Thanks Jan. I don’t know why I write my books by hand, I get an idea and then pick my latest writing pad up. I carry them almost everywhere I go. They are quite thin and I have loads of them. It is tiring having to write and then type my work up, but I still get drawn to those writing pads every time! My children are always telling me how scruffy my handwriting is too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed the Q&A and learning more about you and your writing habits, Lizzie. They actually sound much like mine, in which characters show up first, made themselves heard and then the story develops around them. They always have a mind of their own, LOL.

    Enjoy your tour and thanks to Marlena for hosting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol:) I really don’t know why I write me books by hand, but after hearing everyone’s responses, I think maybe I’m the only one who does! My children are still small, so I grab any opportunity I can to write, which is usually waiting for them after school, waiting for them at clubs, waiting for them….. I can see a theme here!


  4. Another lovely post. Lizzie, it’s been a delight learning more about you and your work. Wow…I can’t imagine literally writing a book! I always have a notebook close by though. 🙂 Thanks for the warm welcome, Marlena!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Natalie. I think it’s because I’m always in different places during the day. If I have a notebook with me, then I can continue the story. Plus, I love the hustle and bustle of people walking past and hearing the birds singing as I write. I love to write in coffee shops, in the car, or anywhere really!


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