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Exciting News…

Hello, bloggers!

On January 8th, I began a journey… of the virtual kind. I was honored with being selected as RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S January “SPOTLIGHT” Author. My journey began with a blog tour, hosted by some incredible members of the club. My journey continues thru the remainder of the month, with interviews and one-of-a-kind support that can only be given by RRBC.

Now, I know this is pretty exciting, but IT GETS BETTER! During my SA month, I am promoting my upcoming debut release, THE POWER OF LOVE, set for May 1st. I am beyond thrilled to finally get a book out there!

Since a good deal of my support comes from this very blog, then I must share info about my upcoming romance book. So enjoy…


Book Blurb:

All she wanted was a fresh start.

Eight months ago, Scarlet made the choice to leave the prison she called home, and to escape the man that put her there. She had made a new home for herself in the small town of Belmont, Montana. The abandoned apartment was far from luxury, but she was better off, away from her past life.

She never expected to meet Lucas, the local hero and town’s only doctor. She didn’t expect to enjoy the small town life. She didn’t expect her past to catch up to her.

Will she risk it all? Risk revealing her secrets at a chance of love? Will she be forced back into the life she hated? Will she gain control of her own destiny?

I invite you to check out my “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour, where you’ll find more info about my book and its author.  😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time………love & blessings!!

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