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Meet Laura E. Thompson…

Hello, bloggers!

Today is another day where I get to shine the light on a fellow author. I am pleased to introduce you to Author Laura E. Thompson.

Laura is delighting us with a little Q&A, where we will get to learn more about her, her writing and her book. There’s some great info here! This is an inspiring author that you DO NOT want to miss! Enjoy…

1. You have been writing since you were a child. What were some of your first ideas?
One of the first stories that I wrote and bound in a “book form” was a children’s story about a friendly monster named Harry, who is being bullied on the playground and he does not know what to do about it. He finally gains some courage and asks his family members who all give him different advice. In the end, he stands up to the bullies by saying that he’s not scared of them and they need to leave him alone. They gain respect for him and leave him alone after that.

2. What made you decide to take that next step to a career in writing?
As a child I wrote a lot but was very shy about sharing my work with others, (other than my family). I thought people would not like my writing and might judge me or say negative things. As we grow up, we learn that it does not really matter whether someone else likes what you create. If you enjoyed creating it, that is what counts. Once I figured that out, I gained the courage needed to share my writing with others and become a professional writer.

3. Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in a variety of places, the world around me, music, dreams, other books, television shows and actual events that happen to me or to people that I know. The fun part is then taking those tiny fractions of inspiration and transforming them into my own unique story.

4. What makes your writing unique?
With my writing I always try to embed positive, inspirational messages woven throughout an exciting story. There is so much negativity in the world today, I really wanted to create a series that makes people think about the positive outcomes that can occur when we believe in ourselves, work together, look past our differences to find our commonalities and protect what we all share, our Earth.

5. Do you have a special writing process?
My writing process is fairly simple. I still work a 40 hour a week job and I have a young son and husband, so during the week, in the evening, I try to fit in a half hour/hour of writing, (more on the weekends). I am nice to myself however, unlike a lot of writers I try not to pressure myself to finish a certain amount of words or pages. Instead, I sit and see how I am feeling, if I feel particularly tired or stuck with my current story I either, go back and edit previous work, or I write a blog or notes for other projects instead. I have always found that trying to force the writing to happen makes your writers block worse so I do not do that. I type on my laptop, I do not write long hand and I am a fairly fast typist so that helps.

6. What part of writing do you enjoy most? What do you find most difficult?
The part that I enjoy the most is watching the story unfold. I write some basic notes in the beginning of writing a book but I let the story flow on its own and come to me naturally. It probably sounds crazy but sometimes I feel like the characters are simply talking to me, telling me their stories I am just writing down what they say.

The part that I like the least is cutting some of the story out. I tend to be long winded when I write and often times repetitive. It is difficult to edit and cut these things out but I know that in the end it makes the story better. Even though I work with a professional publisher and editors, I do a lot of editing before I send it to them to make sure that the story is in the best shape it can be when they see it. They take it from there and make it even more readable for the audience.

7. How do you create/develop your characters?
Characters tend to form on their own. They are often mixtures of personalities I have been in contact with in my life. I would say, in a way, all of them have a piece of me too. Isobel, (the main character) is reflective of me as a teenager. The way she feels and tries to reason with herself is the way I felt back then. Luckily for her, she gains confidence in herself fairly quickly. It took me a lot longer. It is sometimes tough to try to make sure that all of the characters are different though. When reading through, sometimes I have one character saying something and I think, “wait..that sounds more like something this person would say.” Then I have to change it. And sometimes readers point that out to me and I didn’t notice, which is why I like to share the story with trusted people before it is finished and gain their feedback.  

8. What are some items on your Writing Bucket List?
I have several more novels within this same series that I want to write. When those are finished I have a few ideas of other novels that I could write, I am not sure which one I will start with. I also had a few ideas for children’s short stories so I would like to write those eventually too. I also have a contact in CA, a gentleman who is going to graduate school for screenplay writing. I would love to work with him in the future to write a screenplay together for my Elven Quest series and pitch it to some movie producers.

9. Please tell us about your book, THE BURDEN OF DESTINY: ELVEN QUEST BOOK 1.
The Burden of Destiny is obviously the first book in my Elven Quest series. It is a story that revolves around Isobel, a simple farm girl who grows up in a small farming community where everyone knows everyone and they are all like family. She is the woman of the house that takes care of her Father, since her mother passed when she was very young. Isobel always feels that she is different than her friends and father. She has undeniable gut instincts that warn her when bad things are going to happen and she has a restless soul that no one seems to understand. When she is fourteen she starts to have these strong feelings that something bad is coming their way, no one believes her but she meets a woman in the woods that confirms her feelings and says that she can save her village from the coming dangers. Isobel then learns that her mother’s past was very different than anything she imagined and that her mother had Elven blood, which meant that she could do a certain type of magic. If Isobel commits to learning the language and spells, she too can do this magic. Then Isobel finds out even more is in store for her and her future and she has to embark on an important journey.

10. Where did the story idea come from?
It was partially inspired by the Harry Potter plots, good VS evil, and watching a hero grow and mature and change. It was also partially inspired by Tolkien’s ideas of elves. When I watched the first Lord of the Rings movie, there was a scene in the beginning when the Riverrun elf makes the water in the river change into galloping horses to protect the Hobbits and when I saw that, I thought “wow!!! I wish there was an entire novel just dedicated to elves who can control the four natural elements – earth, air, fire and water.” Once that idea popped into my head, the story and characters kept coming to me in pieces, until finally I decided instead of waiting for some other writer to write this novel, I was just going to write it myself. I sat down and started writing and the Elven Quest series was born.

11. Did you do any research for your book?
I talk a bit in the book about differences between sorcerers and wizards and I researched how others have explained this difference by reading the Lore and Character descriptions of the game, (The World of Warcraft.) Then I tried to add my own creativity to that. Additionally I did do some studying about sword fighting and battles to be able to write the battle scenes.

12. This is Book 1 of this series. How many books do we get to enjoy?
I am not sure yet. The conclusion to the conflict in this first story ends in book two. So at the end of that book, this plot is completely wrapped; however, I was not sure when I finished it, if I was completely done with these characters so I left it open. Then I came up with a new idea for this world and these characters so I started a new conflict in the third book, which I am currently in the middle of writing.

13. What do you hope readers take from your book?
I hope that along with a new group of friends to follow and learn about and a new world to experience, the readers will also take away some positive inspiration from my underlying messages. As stated in question four, I wanted to relay messages about learning to trust and believe in yourself and what you can accomplish if you work towards a goal. I also want readers to remember to try to work collaboratively with others. Despite our differences, everyone has commonalities if everyone looked past their differences and found those things they have in common, maybe as a society, we would treat each other more kindly. Last, but perhaps most importantly, I wanted to convey that our nature elements of this world – the land, the air, the water – are not treated very well by us and as a society we need to come together in the common goal of protecting and healing these elements. It is extremely important and vital to our survival as a race.

14. If your book were turned into a movie, who would be your dream cast?
Great question! I think I would want Chloe Grace Moretz, from Kickass as Isobel, Camren Bicondova, from Gotham as Mauve and Kit Harington, from Game of Thrones as Nathaniel the fighter. I’m not sure who else for the supporting cast. I am also a big fan of finding brand new actors and helping to jump start their careers, so that would be fun to have some newcomers too.

15. Aside from writing, what are your passions in life? What can you be found doing when you’re not behind a pen or computer?
Other than working at my full time job, I also like spending time with my family both immediate and extended and spending time outside, walking, hiking, camping, swimming in the summer, etc. Recently I have also started visiting schools to speak to students about writing and publishing and I have thoroughly enjoyed that! I am also mentoring another young writer right now, helping him edit his work. I would like to do more of this type of thing in the future. Possibly create writing clinics or workshops or even a summer writing camp for young aspiring writers.

16. What can we expect next from you?
Coming up next will be book two in this series, I am not positive when this will be published but I am sure it will be, most likely within the next year or two. I will also continue to work on book three, as well, and in the meantime you can all enjoy my blog, Elemental Words, at I write a new blog on the 1st and 15th of every month. These blogs are sometimes about writing topics, staying focused, unblocking yourself when you have writers block, etc. Sometimes they are more personal about what I am going through or thinking about at that time. I hope you all enjoy them. 



Laura Thompson grew up in a small town on an island that sits in the middle of Lake Champlain in Vermont. She has been writing short stories since the young age of seven and has been an avid reader for longer than that. Although Laura is an adult she admits her imagination is still as active as it was as a child only now, instead of using it to create make believe games she harnesses it through writing.

Her first novel was written and completed at the age of sixteen while taking a creative writing class and although not published Laura still feels it was the first step on her path of becoming an author. Laura started writing the Elven Quest Series in 2007, “I had not written for pleasure in a long time and one day the characters from The Burden of Destiny entered my mind and wouldn’t leave. I had no choice but to sit down and write their story. Two years and over 800 pages later both stories are finished and I’m so excited to share them with the world.”

Laura holds her Masters in Higher Education Counseling, has a BA in Sociology and co-wrote the published ethical theory model entitled Key Factors in Making Ethical Decisions Model, a chapter in the textbook: Ethical Decision Making for the 21 st Century Counselor (Counseling and Professional Identity) by Donna S. Sheperis and Stacy L. Henning. Laura currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband Daniel, wonderful son William and cat Luna.

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Thank you so much for stopping by today and joining us. Please help me support my guest with shares and comments. And don’t forget to check out her book!

Until next time, lovelies………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!

5 thoughts on “Meet Laura E. Thompson…”

  1. Hi, ladies. Great interview. Laura, I can relate to how hard it is working a full-time job and still trying to find time to write, especially given family commitments. Congrats on the Burden of Destiny. I’ve been in love with elves ever since reading the Lord of the Ring trilogy in tenth grade.
    And like you I finished my first full length novel as a teenager. I was 15 and the book was epic fantasy with a good vs. evil battle. Isobel sounds like a great character and I wish you much success with the series!

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  2. Delighted to learn about your work, Laura. Thank you for sharing your inspirations and dreams. I love the cover for ‘Burden of Destiny’ and the synopsis is intriguing. Thanks for introducing me to another fine author, Mar.

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  3. I admire all of you who write fiction and the ways you come up with your stories. Congratulations Laura and it is nice to meet you. Thank you Marlena for introducing Laura and her works.

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