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Meet Akasha Garnier…Shine Through The Noise!


Hello, bloggers!

Today, I get to shine the light on another fabulous guest. Yay!! Without further ado, I am pleased to welcome Akasha Garnier, author of SECRETS TO SHINE THROUGH THE NOISE.


News & Pretty Views with Akasha Garnier

Somewhere between the living in the rainforest, finding a castle to call home and covering The Oscars it hit me: I had to write.

I went through phases that felt good at the time. I was an event manager working with sailboats in Chicago, so summers flew by at a good clip. The seasonal menus were paired, the sunsets were cinematic and my Team Charming was in full swing as an upgrade service to make sailing events special.

Med flower_AG

I was soaking in my 3-year sailing chapter…until I heard that our main boat was about to be sold. It had been a good year…

It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, and in creative action, that we find supreme joys. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Waipio valleyI went to Hawaii’s Big Island for close to a year to cleanse, and to consider my options. My Hawaii friends say I did the trip in reverse. I started at the top, in the rainforest, not the Californication of Kona side or a humid Hilo welcome. Well, first of all I went to Hawaii with a part-time job, and no friends. My solo toss-caution-to-the-wind adventure began in Waipio Valley. The Valley of the Kings, they say. I lived 1000 feet above a beautiful and intense black sand beach. The view was God’s grace come to life…and most Seussian. The Valley is rich in lore and legend, which is more than half the reason we are drawn to the area.

A Night Marcher helmet stands guard over the view out my door – six steps before the 1000-foot drop off to the 7th deadliest crossing in the world. Secret Waipio Beach lays waiting for us at the end of a STEEP road that descends to the valley floor. The trip takes true preparation, so not every car can survive the trek, and I’ve seen what’s left of vehicles along the way. At the bottom of the winding road, you are treated to spectacular views of the ocean and the lush Waipi’o Valley, sprawling like a tropical Grand Canyon. The black sand sparkles in the sunlight.

I had to snap a photo where the river meets the ocean while the water was out. I am not too shy to say that I went for a power walk along the rocks and a wave pulled me all the way in. Ah, Hawaiian Baptism with only a few scrapes…not too shabby for the 7th deadliest crossing in the world.  I stand by the fact that water is my element, even when covered in sand.

That adventure became my journey story, my first published book: Secrets to Shine Through the Noise.

Shine Through the Noise trailer

As I was getting ready for book launch I felt that joining and growing a tribe of like-minded creative people would keep our inspiration up and help all our causes. I am thrilled to share that I am donating 10% of proceeds from this book to Teen Cancer America! Together we can help with awareness and with their goals of building a teenage cancer unit in each of the 50 states to better address the needs of young adult patients. The cause, people and patients I have met are inspiration incarnate.

When you want to escape, what do you dream of? Then where do you go from there? ~Influence, Akasha Garnier

Fortunately, I have made true friends and met a muse and catalyst or two.  I have already written 2 more books ready for editing as I am still spinning a travel “thrillogy”. It’s a tale of elite events, A-list clients, and captains sailing from sea to shining sea: Voyages from Monaco to Mauna Kea. Intriguing adventures unfolding in Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera, paired with their cuisines. A dash of hidden Hawaii and Paris in the Springtime. All I can say is, the view is inspiring from here. Davanti: A Thriller in Golden Handcuffs set the stage.

I will never forget INFLUENCE. My first #indiefilm was part of my starving artist chapter. #ShineThroughTheNoise is a response to those lean years. I have done the indie film thing, and now I believe there are other ways. I still support indie film, but we do not need to be starving artists to do so.

I wrote my first screenplays in Minneapolis. We produced INFLUENCE with the help of my radio, TV and musician friends. It ended up being my swan song the first time I moved away from my hometown. When writing the role, I never considered playing the part. And then I did want the part to do my best to bring her to life. Tabitha was my polar opposite as an introvert, diving in to Minneapolis’ Gothic/”Darksider” scene. She was an unhappy creature of the night and I was a brunette for the first time. She was looking for a way out and I was exploring my way in. “Influence” played at a French film festival, and interest has been sparked again for a series or sequel. And I’m open to it!

Today enough has come apart and together again that I’m drawn back to storytelling, travel and film. This time I have a storied marketing background in tow as I head again in the direction of my dream.

In the Direction of Your Dreams

What I want to leave you with is this: You have options.

Yes, it is possible to balance a day job and work diligently on your dream job.

Know your worth. When you achieve that balance, you will be worth more in the end. I talk more about striking the balance in #ShineThroughTheNoise.

Once you hone in on what you want, synergy comes into play. You will have more energy to move in the direction of your dream.

Wherever you are on your journey, believe it’s worth the trip!


Imagine how good it will feel when you reach that goal! I will be doing a tour to visit people who have achieved personal and professional goals with #ShineThroughTheNoise. I would love to hear your story! I believe synergy opens many doors. I will be giving away signed copies of Shine Through the Noise for Marlena’s readers, so please add a comment.

Synergy came into play when I lived in a castle on Hawaii. Why yes, my Hawaii castle friend and I have both written screenplays about it. Production discussions have begun.

I’m finishing manuscript and screenplay edits. The reviews from my thriller writing are good with moments of greatness. I’ve been asked to add more sizzle, and I will. I’m thrilled to have fantastic tribe members and friends from Maui, LA, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, the French and Italian Rivieras, UK and South Africa that are sharing my writing journey as I focus more on some ambitious, yet achievable goals.  Let’s see where that leads next, shall we…

What will you do to reward yourself after reaching your page count or nailing that pitch?

Please add a comment or drop a line at or on Twitter.

I love celebrating each other’s success!

Thank you for the opportunity to guest blog and to share adventures!


Cheers & fair winds,
Akasha Lin




Akasha’s proud of her work as an author, screenwriter and producer; she balanced branding work as a writer and producer in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Paris/Cannes, Maui and Hawaii. She excels at helping clients shine with 15 awards/accolades since 2007.

Akasha also enjoys giving back through her Promo Partners. Her #ShineThroughTheNoise community partner is The Who’s charity: Teen Cancer America; she donates 10% from Secrets to Shine Through the Noise and is helping them plan events to support 2 teen cancer units in Chicago hospitals. With a little synergy, The Cubs and Eddie Vedder will be part of those events again.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting today’s guest author. Please continue supporting her with likes, shares and comments! Don’t forget to check out her book!

Until next time……………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!



18 thoughts on “Meet Akasha Garnier…Shine Through The Noise!”

  1. Aloha Miss Akasha! Great post! I am so happy we connected in Hawaii and the #CastleInHawaii was the “next” adventure after Waipio. I’m grateful we’ve become so close. Mahalo. Looking forward to seeing you zoom to the top because you deserve it lady – you are so talented, smart and most importantly generous and willing to give a hand as you climb the ladder… see you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aloha dear Sheri. How wonderful to read this! I appreciate your time, kind words and our friendship! I know the Hawaii adventure will be great on page and screen for both of us. Meeting you shows that leaps of faith pay off. I am excited for your film and to write the book of your film. You’ve come a long way on your journey. #ItsWorthTheTrip 🙂 Happy #AlohaFriday! You have a copy of #ShineThroughTheNoise already. Mahalo plenty!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Many mahalos dear Marlena. This has been an excellent experience to do a guest blog and to share the love of adventure with your community. I appreciate your time and talent. Looking forward to your feedback and to your own book launch as well! You have your copy of #ShineThroughTheNoise fortunately. Happy Aloha Friday! ~Akasha

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! 🙂 Thank you Amie for taking time to read and share kind comments. Well, I look forward to doing a meet up or retreat in a few places, including Hawaii so I hope you will have your own adventure! Happy Aloha Friday! Yes, I have a gratis copy of #ShineThroughTheNoise for you! I will follow up. Aloha, Akasha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have read this wonderful book twice. The second time I realized how much I missed. One of the things that has truly stuck like glue is that we all have to believe in ourselves. I also feel that never leaving a stone unturned–because you never know what is under a forgotten stone.

    I am blessed to have Linda for a friend and she is always helpful with ideas for my project. No matter how busy she is –she always takes time to listen to what I need. This is the book for you–that is if you really want to succeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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