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Meet Lynda Filler, with a story that needs to be heard – @LyndaMFiller

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Today, it is my pleasure to welcome Lynda Filler, #bosslady, author, and secret holder. This lovely lady is wonderfully inspiring and I sincerely hope you enjoy what she has to say. As always, enjoy…

I want to thank you Marlena, and the entire RRBC membership for supporting my work over the last couple of years. It’s been a wild ride from zero Twitter followers in 2015 to 14,000 today and from three poetry books to eleven published titles on Amazon. I couldn’t have done any of this without RRBC, the friendships I’ve made, and all your encouragement.

What is the current book you are promoting?

LOVE The Beat Goes On

In 2008 two events collided. First, I was diagnosed with incurable heart disease, and second, the man I loved went away on a two-week business trip and disappeared for four months. LOVE: The Beat Goes On tells the parts of my life that I can put into print. The rest you’ll have to fill in with your imagination. In this book I tell the story of my journey, the actions I took, and the things I had to let go, to be alive and free from heart disease in 2017.

I’m thrilled to say LOVE, The Beat Goes On debuted at #4 in Self-Help, Healing, Heart and rose to #1 before it was released.

Tell me something about yourself that no one knows?

Well, since you put it that way and because this is such a tight group…a safe place, I do have secrets.

I’m really good at divorce. Not so good at marriage. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s part of the military culture, the way I grew up. My dad was in the Canadian army. Every couple of years he’d get a new posting. So we’d pack up the car and drive across Canada. I lived in Lindsay, Petawawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Kingston, and Ottawa before I turned twelve. All I remember about my early years is moving. I don’t think I can even visualize one home we lived in. So saying goodbye and starting new impermanent friendships was just the way I grew up.

Why am I telling you this? I never had a great relationship with my father but deep down I loved him. He was in the signal corps and he had a workroom with ham radio equipment in the basement. He also had postcards from all over the world—people he’d met through his radio.

Dad was in WWII. He never talked about the war but I knew he was in England. I decided he must have worked on intelligence/espionage. And since he passed away in the 90’s I never got to ask him. But my intuition tells me that’s what he did.

Little girls are always looking for their fathers in their men. It took me years to realize that. But when I did, I set out finding a man who was brilliant and James Bond at the same time. Well, not exactly but to make a long story short, here is my secret: I’ve had two spies in my life. One died in 2011 and left me his diaries. I believe he wanted me to write his story. The executor refused to turn the diaries over. He said they implicated too many people and were dangerous for those still alive including myself. The second man is still alive—barely.

What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book? 

First, LOVE The Beat Goes On tells part of my personal story. I had to be careful what to say and how to say it out of respect for someone I love.

And secondly, putting yourself out there without your “biography becoming your biology” is not easy. I don’t believe we are our “illness.” I walked around for years with an undiagnosed heart condition until I realized I was having a heart attack. Crazy I know. I truly feel that my Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy—my swollen heart—was directly correlated to unshed tears and bottled up emotions. It’s always going to be hard to bleed in public.

I’m passionate about life and love and healing. I was self-diagnosing shortness of breath, as allergic reactions to a sinus drug I was taking. And then in the middle of all that, I drove from Puerto Vallarta Mexico all the way to Whistler, British Columbia with a life-threatening heart condition and didn’t even know it!

You sound passionate about your work. What is it you want to accomplish by telling your story?

I want to be the light, to let people know they are not alone. I want to reassure people with “dis-ease” that there is always hope. Even though the websites said my condition was incurable, here I am! The doctors told me to get my affairs in order; I’m still here! It’s almost ten years later and I’ve been cured since 2011.

I made four YouTube videos after I came back to Mexico and over and over again I would receive emails saying: “What did you do?” Part of the book is my personal story; the other part of the book is about The Work. What I did, what I had to let go and how I accomplished those things.

Have you ever read your book as if you were a stranger?

My editor sent the final revisions on LOVE and told me to read it as if I was not the author. She said don’t stop or make corrections, read it through. I cried more in that twenty-four hour period than ever in my life. I guess I was releasing so many personal things; and I was ever so grateful the way the story flowed and the message was delivered.

I started to write a memoir in 2009 but stopped in 2010. I’ve always believed in spirits, and angels and dreams, and on and on—I’m Irish! In the summer of 2015 Dr. Wayne W. Dyer died. A week later I was sleeping soundly when a voice woke me up. A voice recognizable to me said “Are you ready yet?” I sat up in bed and laughed out loud.

No Dr. Dyer I wasn’t quite ready then, but I am now. LOVE The Beat Goes On is dedicated to him.

More about Lynda:

I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a town of hot humid days and sultry passionate nights. I’m a Late Bloomer and a Baby Boomer. I discovered boys at the early age of eleven; but it was not until I hit my twenties that I figured out how to play with them.

I grew up in Norman Rockwell neighborhoods in safe, small town Canada; but behind closed doors our family had secrets. My dad was a military man. We moved every few years. I learned to say goodbye and not cry. Inside I was lonely and sad. I left home to become a missionary nun at eighteen, started my first business at the age of twenty-one. I tackled life with chutzpah certain that if I didn’t take what I wanted, no one would hand it to me.

I’ve made a career in entrepreneurship and sales. I’m a businesswoman, a salesperson, a trainer, a mentor, a lover, and now a grandmother. And I write poetry, novellas, novels and now my first non-fiction.

In my writings I share with you my naked heart.

Connect with Lynda online:


Love The Beat Goes On 3
LOVE, The Beat Goes On

When your cardiologist tells you to “Get your affairs in order, your heart condition is incurable,” what do you do? In 2008 that’s exactly what happened to Lynda Filler.

Lynda shares her journey in the typical fast-paced, edgy, in-your-face style she’s known for in her novels. She’s hard-hitting, and tells you exactly how it is. She writes about romantic experiences that may shock you, but makes no apologies for her unconventional life style. Nor does she hold back taking responsibility for the things that she believes created her dis-ease.

You will definitely question a woman who walks around with shortness of breath and blames it on sinus medication; then makes a decision to drive, all alone, from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Whistler, Canada with undiagnosed Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Women are often self-care-challenged and Lynda was no the exception.

If you are fighting any kind of illness or dis-ease, you are not alone! Lynda has walked her talk, and after an experience in the summer of 2015 relating to Dr. Wayne Dyer, she is now ready to release her story

Lynda knows how it feels to be told you’re not healing or your condition is incurable. At no point will she undermine anything your physicians tell you to do. She is not a medical doctor. She will explain the powerful, yet simple concepts and beliefs that she believes led to her healing. Most of all, she will show you how she used these simple principles to design and live, the fully healed life she now enjoys in 2017.

You will shake your head in wonder, laugh, and maybe cry too. If you want less pain, worry, and stress about dis-ease and life in general, you will want to read this simple yet powerful story.

Thank you so much for visiting with us today. I hope you leave this post feeling inspired, feeling ready to take life on. Life is an adventure that should be lived daily!  (You can quote me on that one! 😉  )

I encourage you to help in continuing to support today’s guest with likes, shares and comments. Her story, like all my other wonderful guests, deserves to be heard.

Until next time………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!!


12 thoughts on “Meet Lynda Filler, with a story that needs to be heard – @LyndaMFiller”

  1. Lynda, thank you for sharing so deeply and honestly. I just picked up your book and can’t wait to read it. For months I awakened to, “Are you ready yet?” but didn’t know what that meant. Now I’m writing again and understand. Life is quite the journey, isn’t it – amazing, unpredictable, and always a gift. Thank you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gwen. This is such an honour. You have been a constant support in my writing since I joined RRBC. I cherish that and thank you for your generosity. I hope you love the story, and most important, that it speaks to your heart.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ah, you are sweet. My mother was upset with my dad when he registered my name with the “y” and of course I LOVE it!. Enjoy my story. I hope it resonates with some part of your life or with a family member. I want to spread the word.
      Yes, I was unsure about putting that in my book… it’s a little ”woo woo” for some people but is a normal natural part of my life. That Angel Dr. Dyer stood over my shoulder as he is right now, pushing me every day…. I’m so grateful.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much Marlena. I appreciate the opportunity to share who I am and what my story is about. You are very generous and I admire how you manage to do all this for RRBC, the support, the work is incredible. Thank you from me and I’m sure from all of us!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Lynda!

      You know, when I decided to re-vamp my site, to where I told others’ stories, I never imagined it would be as rewarding as it has been. It is such a joy to bring others’ stories to life, especially someone as incredible as you. It’s such an honor to have you on my site. 🙂

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