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Meet Douglas H. Melloy – Author, Percussionist & Spiritual Teacher – @dougieslap

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Today, I am pleased to welcome Author, Douglas H. Melloy to my blog. As you can see from the post title, Douglas is a man of many talents, and I couldn’t be happier to shed a little light on him. Today, we are diving into his latest book release, OPENING TO THE REALNESS OF GOD.

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Turning a Lifelong Journey into Reality

From the age of five, you could say I knew my life’s purpose. It was clear to me that life was not intended to be fear-based and that our issues needed and could be healed. So, by the age of 10, I was on the path of resolving anger issues. It was a 36-year process in which I questioned everything about myself, the world and the universe in general. I learned early on that we are the creators of our lives with the free will to create whatever we wish, positive or negative. A big part of the personal work I was doing was developing a meditation practice to get in touch with my soul and follow its specific guidance. This meant knowing God personally and realizing that the only place God can actually be found is by going within. Having been raised in the Christian Science faith, this was going against everything I had been taught, just as it is with all religions.

After 55 years of such practice, I knew for sure that part of my path as purpose was to share what I have learned with others to give them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they too, see any value in this body of knowledge. Keeping an open mind to all possibilities is paramount to discerning what is true for an individual. Life is meant to be continuous change, otherwise there would be no soul growth. Every idea becomes outdated, almost immediately. The trick really is to strive for the next best version of self.

There is a saying that ‘once you know what you know, you can’t un-know it.’ The challenge now is to live as though we know it in practical ways that we can apply to our daily life. This means incorporating the positive polarity of service to all of humanity, one person at a time. It is clear that humanity is running out of time to do so. Opening to the Realness of God gives hands on information as to what we can do individually and collectively. The time is now for a new understanding. Will you join us?

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About the Author

Douglas H. Melloy

Douglas H. Melloy, known as the enlightened percussionist, is a present-day spiritual teacher whose gift is to assist humanity with its collective ascension. His words help us remember who we really are and our purpose in coming into this life.

He began his spiritual journey when he was 5, and did over 50 years of personal work. He studied Hinduism, Buddhism, and has read the Bible over 20 times. During 55 years of studying consciousness, he has read extensively philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, esoterics, new age. He is a student of “A Course In Miracles” and completed Napoleon Hill’s “The Master Keys To Success.”

As part of his soul’s contract, he has authored over 17 books on navigating life on our earthly journey with the goal of assisting humanity in ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Titles include God, Planet, Universe is this Life I Am, all else is just a detail (2001 Franklin Press), Love and Wisdom are the Arts of Appropriateness (2003 Prince Media Group), The Nature of the Self and the Social Evolution of Humanity (2005 Prince Media Group), The Nature of the Self and the Social Evolution of Humanity (2007 Inner Circle Publishing), Running from Karma Living life Artistically (2008 Inner Circle Publishing), The Bible, What does it Mean? When if not now? (2008 Inner Circle Publishing), Invading the Indigenous while the Rest of Us Watch (2009 Inner Circle Press), Love and Wisdom the Art of Appropriateness (2012 Inner Child Press).

Douglas Melloy is also a man of many talents. He is a world-class musician that plays a variety of percussion instruments. He also studied four different styles of martial arts and has a black belt in Kenpo Karate. He’s also a wine connoisseur. Walking his talk and being on a permanent self-discovery quest, Douglas Melloy had 35 different jobs and moved 63 times so far.

As a humanitarian, he has volunteered at various charitable organizations throughout the country. Teaching children how to read and write was one of his favorite activities. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and currently resides in Mt. Shasta, CA.


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