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A Q&A with #Author Harry Hoover – @harrywhoover

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Now, let’s get down to today’s awesome guest… Author, Harry Hoover. We will be discussing Harry’s third book, a self-help must read. And, we get to enjoy an inspiring Q&A. So, as always, please enjoy……


1. What brought you to a career in writing?

My Dad read all the time. So, early on, I wanted to know why he seemed so engrossed in those little scriggles on the page. I was reading long before heading to school, and I read everything, including the newspaper. I think that is where my interest in writing and journalism was born.

2. Was there anyone who influenced your path or anyone that greatly helped get you to where you are today?

My parents. My Dad because of his love for reading and learning. He died on Christmas Day when I was 11, so that was the seminal moment in my life. At his funeral, so many people came up to tell me stories about him that I had never heard. I wanted to be like him. My Mother because of her faith and her determination. She had been a stay-at-home Mom. At 45, she was left as a single Mother with no job. But she did what she had to do to make sure the family had food and clothing.

3. Where do you find inspiration for new book ideas?

For Moving to Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide, I was asked by the publisher to write it. He knew I was a Charlotte native with 200 years of family history there. For Born Creative and Get Glad, these ideas came from life experiences.

I spent more than 25 years working in marketing, advertising and PR before starting my own firm in 2001. In those early years at agencies, I began to realize that everyone has creativity if they believe they do. Get Glad is really the story of the method I used to get over my Dad’s death.

4. Your book, GET GLAD: YOUR PRACTICAL GUIDE TO A HAPPIER LIFE, sounds fascinating. What made you decide to write it?

I’ve had an uncle and numerous friends commit suicide. In each case, I saw that they were not totally happy but didn’t see how truly unhappy they were. I thought that if I could relate the story of how I got over my Dad’s death, that it might help someone see that they, too, could get back to happier state.

5. Did you do any research or studies? Or did you simply use your own life experiences?

Both. I thought about what I had done to get glad, and then went looking for research to support or counter my hypothesis. Everything I had done was corroborated by science.

6. You say that your purpose is to help others on their self-improvement journey. What steps have you taken to get you to this point, to where you are able to help others? 

I sold my agency to my business partner at the end of 2015, so I could get back to writing, which I think is what I do best. The first thing I did was build a blog called You, Improved. I wanted to have an online resource people could visit to find out ways to improve their bodies, minds, spirits and lives. You, Improved is figuratively speaking the guide for the self-improvement journey.

7. You’ve previously worked as a journalist, talk show host and have even owned businesses. Has any of the work experience helped in the writing of GET GLAD?

I’d say the reporting skills and the ability to produce content on a deadline from my journalism days were probably the key experiences that help me in my writing. The time I spent in advertising, PR and marketing certainly didn’t hurt when it came time to launch the book.

8. A lot of your readers rave about your writing style, saying they’re hooked from page one and that your book is one to read over and over again. What do you take from your reviews, good or bad?

Reviews – positive or negative – make your work stronger. I read every review and think about how I can use the input to write better material. I learned as a radio news reporter how to write conversationally. People seem to like that about my writing style. It’s breezy, sometimes humorous, and not full of psychobabble.

9. What do you hope readers take away from reading your book?

If just one person finds a measure of happiness after reading Get Glad, then I’ve been paid handsomely.

10. Have you ever considered writing fiction or is non-fiction your preference?

My wife is the fiction writer in the family. She has published one book, Double Dead, a Southern murder mystery set in Charlotte in the 60s. Her dialogue and characters are spot on. I have written short fiction, but don’t have the discipline to write solid dialogue or well-developed characters like she does.

11. Aside from writing, what can you be found doing? Any passions, hobbies or secret talents?

I’m a photographer, hiker, guitar player, wine aficionado, and traveler. If you read Get Glad, you’ll find some wine lore in the chapter on mindfulness.

12. What can we expect next from you?

My books seem to emerge from my blog writing. Both Born Creative and Get Glad were blog posts. One day the posts became books on their own and I just had to do a little cutting and pasting. So, the next book has not spoken to me yet.


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Thank you so much for joining us today and visiting with our guest.

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