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Self-Publishing with Pamela Schloesser Canepa – @PamSCanepa1

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Today, I have the lovely Pamela Schloesser Canepa joining us. Pamela is the author of the newly released Sci-Fi novel, DETOURS IN TIME. In her guest post, she will be sharing some self-publishing tips that all writers should know. So, as always, enjoy………


Self-Publishing: 5 Things I Did Differently this Time (and plan to do every time)

I’ve done it! I just released a full-length novel on 6/16. Though I have self-published before, I did a lot of things differently with this book, titled Detours in Time. I’ll also continue to do these in my future writing and publishing. Here are some of them:

1. Get more than one person, that is, people you don’t know, to look it over, react, and make suggestions. Beta-readers. I have discovered places to find Beta-readers in the Writers Unite group on Facebook, but I’ve also seen groups for beta-readers on Goodreads. Beta-readers are not always writers themselves (as I once thought). Many times they are simply avid readers who are well-educated in their preferred genres. That is who you want to please! They know what they want as a reader. You want to give that to a reader. I’m not saying to change it all to their liking. However, they will point out things you didn’t think of and that you want to keep in mind in order to please the most critical readers. Look for beta-reader groups. Even if you just Google “beta readers”, I imagine you would find many possibilities!

2. Pay someone to edit. They can help you find and fix…
*plotline gaps
*sensitive topics (religion, race, etc.). It helps to get another person’s perspective.
*consistency and verb tense, among other things, such as: your character had a blue dress on two paragraphs ago, but suddenly that dress is pink. Maybe that doesn’t happen to you, but I change my mind with the time of day. I had one character whose name changed three times. Luckily, someone told me how to do a search to edit a particular word. Problem solved!

While we’re at it, pay someone to format! You’re more likely to have it done right and will feel much less frustrated. I went to and was fully satisfied with my formatting without paying an arm and a leg to get it done.

3. Take your time. Let it stew; don’t serve it raw. For this book, I took a year and a half. It helps to do some form of research on the scenes that do not fall within your line of experience. Why did I even write them? To build tension. It was necessary to step out of my line of experience. My book was an escape from the everyday world. Go back. Double-check things. You’ll be more likely to get it right. Now, to be honest, my first time self-publishing, I published a novella. I wrote, edited, and presented it within three months, tops. Some would advise against that, but the experience and the knowledge I gained were invaluable, and some readers really enjoy my little novella of a clean romance taking place in the future. Still, during the year and a half that it took to publish Detours in Time, I also had time to learn from other authors and glean many insights into self-publishing.

4. Tell people ahead of time. Put your book on pre-order. I’m still learning if this is much of a benefit. Maybe it’s not a big deal for sales, but I have a live link I can give to people and post with my book cover reveal. I read somewhere that an author should have a live link before the cover reveal. It made sense to me. Not to mention, I won’t have to re-do all of my online graphics on the day of release! This is also helpful since I am planning a Facebook launch the day of release. On the subject of my Facebook release: I invited people two weeks ahead of time. I’m not sure that was such a benefit, but it gave me time to plan what I’d present in the event and to send notifications of my plan, which included the much-loved giveaway.

5. Give a last, or a few last, edit/s. There is no telling what elaboration may come to you in the last month. Not to mention, another glance may help you cut the unnecessary.

*  *  *

I know this is not a complete list. Other things will come to me later, as I’m in line at the grocery store or somewhere else equally mundane. Still, maybe this list will help a new writer somewhere. I can tell you that I feel a lot more like a real writer now.

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5 thoughts on “Self-Publishing with Pamela Schloesser Canepa – @PamSCanepa1”

  1. Aloha Pamela, Read the blog eagerly. I was actually thinking of self-publishing my screenplay… would love to hear your thoughts on that since it is a different format, would it be accepted? Such WONDERFUL, insightful advice (some of which I did and others I WILL do)… mahalo for sharing!!! Aloha, Sheri

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