I Challenge You.


Hello, bloggers!!

I found myself reflecting today and I stumbled across this post from over two years ago. I don’t brag often, but it’s a dang good post. One that should be read and shared. Not because I’m the author of said post, but because of the subject matter.

There is so much bad in this world today. It’s time for us to bring a little good into it…

Blessings to you as we come to the end of another week.

Scribblings of a Southern Belle

Hello, bloggers!!

I am wide awake and it’s closing in on midnight, here in my little hometown of Alabama. I don’t post as often as I’d like and I hate that, but, I’m feeling inspired. So here I am and I am asking you to listen…

Life is too short to live with regrets… to wonder what if… to not give your all. Life is meant to have purpose, but are you living life with one?

Are you kind? Are you forgiving? Do you love? Do you cherish? Do you laugh? Do you cry? Do you give?

Are you living every day to its fullest potential? Do you take chances? Do you make the most out of opportunities?

If you can’t answer that, then there’s a good chance you are not living life as it should be lived. So I challenge you today. I challenge you to go that…

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