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Antics with Auntie Peg, by Joy M Lilley (Part 1)


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I am pleased to welcome another fabulous author to my site, Joy M Lilley. Today, Joy is sharing some delightful stories about her Auntie Peg, so get ready to be entertained!! You may even giggle a few times…

When the time came for Auntie Peg, to go into a home, it was one of the most difficult things for my sister, my son and myself to undertake. We knew how she loved a drink and a smoke. This had been her life’s enjoyment for many years. Not many of the homes near us would admit anybody with these habits. We were only given 2 weeks to establish a suitable placement for her. This was an impossibility, as all the places we looked at were not to the standard that we desired, bearing in mind her needs. She could no longer hear or see so well, therefore the T.V. held no delight. I say she didn’t see so well, but I have never known such dexterity with the fingers when she rolled her cigarettes.
Eventually we found the wonderful place where she now resides. Auntie is both happy and very well cared for, and can enjoy a smoke when the staff takes her into the gardens. The whiskey is measured, with three tots daily being the prescribed amount on offer.


One day when I was out with Auntie Peggy, she decided to take me to the cockle and whelk stalls by the harbour in Folkestone. It was she who introduced me to the delicious crustations particularly shell fish. Father nearly had a blue fit when he found out where I had been. Dad was now a school teacher in the town, and thought it most improper for his daughter to be seen eating at ‘Chummys’ shellfish stall. I continued to sneak down to the harbour with Auntie Peg at every opportunity, and to this day still enjoy munching on this wonderful food.


Today I thought about long ago, when we lived with Auntie Peg. There was no electricity in the house, that was because Auntie Peg said it was too dangerous to have put in. That was back in 1948. Granted there were very few houses where we lived that did have it. People like my Aunt were very suspicious of electricity. She used to take me up to bed by candle light, telling me ‘spooky stories’ as we went. Little wonder that I had nightmares.


Auntie Peggy has been on the rampage. On hearing news of my son Roger’s recent hospital stay, she had all the care home staff believing that he was about to leave this world. This was not the case and he is back home after a short stay in hospital. Calls went to and fro from the care home to establish the facts. I was still on holiday and my son did not receive the calls. The matter has now been rectified. Oh just to say that some of her liver tests are a bit off kilter. Not surprising as she has always enjoyed a few whiskies.


Auntie Peg, tells us how she remembers as a child when one of our cousins broke his arm and was in plaster. This meant that his parents did not want him as he was not whole anymore. “They tried to sell him” she claims. But we weren’t having any of it and told them “We do not do that sort of thing in our family.”

Long may she live.

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4939734_origAbout the Author:

Hello, My name is Joy Gerken, pen name Joy M. Lilley. I write/blog and I am a trained nurse, working at our local hospital. My first novel is ‘Figs, Vines and Roses,’ a tale of love and loss at the turn of the nineteenth century. My next novel is soon to be released and is called ‘The Liberty Bodice’. This is a completely different genre to the first novel and follows the trials and tribulations of a young girl working for the Special Operations Executive in WW2. 


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