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What is a Xenton?

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I am so pleased to share a special post with you all. Today’s guest author, W.M. Calloway, appeared on my blog a few years ago, when I first started my blogging journey. I am THRILLED to have him share with us his newest Superhero release.

As always, get ready to enjoy another fabulous guest post…

What is a Xenton?
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The Xenton are an elite fighting team who protect the world from monsters, alien invasions and more. The Xenton have control over the elemental powers of the world, Earth, Water, Fire and Sky. In times of need, a Xenton could summon armor unique to their element to protect themselves in battle. Today’s Xenton are made up of the children of the Haven Family. They are Jason Haven, the middle sibling, Corrine Haven, the oldest sibling, Theodore “Dye” Haven, the youngest sibling, Sam Haven, the second youngest, and Mack Haven, the eldest brother. The Haven Siblings make up what is the last of the Xenton Order in modern times. During their End of the Summer Camping Trip, Dye and his brothers, Sam Jason and Mack, stumble across the last few animal spirits that have been roaming the earth for eons. Sensing danger was upon them, the animal spirits chose Dye and his brothers as hosts to become Xenton.

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The first in the line-up is the youngest of the Haven Siblings, Theodore Haven, or known as Dye to his friends and family (Appearing in the Jenshia Star at 15 years old. 16 in the Invasion of the Coalts, and 17 in the Lost Heir). He is bestowed by the spirit of the Fox and is granted enhanced speed. Dye has been known to break the sound barrier at times and even run on water. Within the Xentonverse, he is considered the fastest person ever…well, for now anyways. Whenever he’s in a pinch he can summon golden armor that transforms him into the Xenton of the Flames. In this form his armor protects him from harsh attacks and gives him enhanced strength whenever he wears it as well as manipulate and create any form of heat inside and outside his armor. Dye is described to be rash, short tempered, and bullheaded at times, but what he lacks in judgement he makes up for with heart, his confidence and his unending tendencies to just to do good, which makes him the unofficial leader of the Xenton team.

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Next up is Sam Haven, the second youngest of the Xenton and the smart one of the group. (Appearing the Jenshia Star at 16, 17 in the Invasion of the Coalts, and 18 in The Lost Heir) Sam was given his powers by the spirit of the eagle which grants him flight both inside and outside his armor. He can also create wind currents and manipulate the weather. When things get tough, Sam can summon his white gold armor and sprouts wings for his flight, as such, he becomes the Xenton of the Skies. Like his brother, Dye, Sam can fly at the speed of sound and can cross the globe in mere matter of minutes. He once caught an airplane in the palm of his hands as it plummeted from skies. Sam also discovered later on that he could manipulate weather patterns as well as create them along with storms with category 5 hurricane winds. Sam is the planner, the logical one and usually is the voice of reason that keeps Dye and the rest of his siblings from doing stupid things, especially when it comes to fighting a new enemy. Sam is the scientist and usually uses his expertise in the subject to come up with ideas and strategies when it comes to fighting a difficult enemy. Like his brother Dye, Sam is quick tempered but usually has more of a level head than Dye.

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Jason Haven is the second oldest of the group (Appearing the Jenshia Star at 17, 18 in the Invasion of the Coalts, and 19 in The Lost Heir). Being bestowed by the power of the shark, Jason has the ability to become invisible both inside and outside his armor. This makes him perfect for recon and sneaking into places undetected. Like his brothers, Jason can summon blue armor and becomes the Xenton of the Waters. Being the Xenton of water, Jason can summon water from anywhere and has been known to do so with the moisture in the air. As such, Jason can manipulate water in its various states of matter. Jason was also the first to discover he had the ability to materialize weapons onto his limbs such as water cannons and swords. Jason can’t talk to fish but he can swim at high speeds and dive to low depths with no problem. Being the laid back one of the group, Jason loves to surf and can sit out in the ocean on his board for hours. He is hungry most of the time and will complete a task for a sandwich. But don’t mistake his laziness for a liability. Jason has proven himself as a hero on more than one occasion and even though he doesn’t show it, Jason has an IQ of 125, making him the second smartest of the group next to Sam. However, almost all the time, food becomes his main priority while girls becomes his second. Jason is usually the surprise of the group, showing up at the right times as backup or the surprise attack. He has also been known to be that comic relief and to crack jokes on enemies with some random pop culture reference.

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Last, but not least, there’s Mack, the oldest brother of the group (appearing the Jenshia Star at 18, 19 in the Invasion of the Coalts, and 20 in The Lost Heir.) Mack is the muscle, the brawn of the group and as fitting as it sounds, Mack was bestowed by the spirit of the bear, giving him enhanced strength both inside and outside his armor as well as manipulating any mineral. Unlike his other brothers, Mack was reluctant to embrace his power as he injured his entire football team during practice. As a result, he excluded himself from his brother’s heroics for a while and wanted to focus on his studies and getting into a decent college as his football season was done before it even began. Later on he joined his brothers in the climatic fight against Griflore at the end of the book I, The Jenshia Star after a pep talk from Dye. Mack can summon sleek, black armor to become the Xenton of the Earth. As the series continues, Mack learns how to coat his armored body with any mineral and materialize himself him into any mineral such as sand, or even a rock. When needing to travel, Mack can burrow through the earth at any rate he chooses. Next to Dye, Mack usually takes on the leadership role whenever Dye is incapacitated or compromised. Mack is the ideal leader of the group and will stop at nothing to protect his brothers at all costs. He is usually outspoken and as being the oldest, has the final say in any decision making. Nevertheless, Mack is kindhearted and usually keeps his temper under control even in the worst of times for the sake of his siblings.

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Making a surprise entrance in the series is the long lost sister of the Haven siblings, Corrine (appearing in the Jenshia Star at 21, 22 in the Invasion of the Coalts, and 23 in The Lost Heir). Corrine had been missing for a number of years as her family presumed she was dead. Dye, Jason and Sam had no idea she existed until Dye found an old picture of her in the attic. From there. Mr. and Mrs. Haven along with Mack, who remembered his sister, explained she was killed in a car accident seventeen years ago. (Spoilers are included with this description so to get the full low down grab The Xenton Chronicles: The Jenshia Star FREE on Amazon.) As the story continues, Corrine is infused with the spirit of the mighty wolf and becomes the Xenton of the Cosmos. Corrine has the power to manipulate gravity and feel gravitational fields whenever they may occur. She has been known to use this power to fly and get around. When in times of great need, Corrine can summon her Xenton armor. Her armor is primarily silver with golden accents all over. She also has the ability to bend light and create weapons from that light as well as create cannons on her hands. As a person, Corrine is more of a tomboy. She’s hotheaded and head strong but at the same time loving and caring, though she feels awkward when expressing those feelings. As the oldest of the Haven siblings, she takes responsibility when it comes to protecting her brothers and considering her Xenton Affiliation she’s the most powerful Xenton of the group.

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About the Author

W. M. Calloway is the creator of the Xenton-Verse. His flagship superheroes, the Xenton, made their debut in the book series, The Xenton Chronicles, which spans four books that chronicles the adventures of his superheroes. With the success of his original series, Calloway decided to expand on that universe and introduce new characters, concepts, and story arcs.

In 2012, he launched his brand Heroic Studios. Since then, Calloway has produced and published a comic book series, The Wrath of Steelis, which expands on the story and concepts introduced in The Xenton Chronicles. Since then, Calloway has been working on various projects to release. In light of the 5-Year anniversary of Heroic Studios, Calloway has revised, re-edited, and will be re-releasing the The Xenton Chronicles book series as Special Anniversary Editions quarterly throughout 2017.

Some of his inspiration for writing are various superhero stories such as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Spiderman, various comic books such, as The Flash and Superman, as well as anime such as Naruto, Bleach and some sci-fi. One of the major elements in his writing is time travel as well, as the conundrum of interdimensional travel, as well as multiverse travel. The Xenton-verse is very specific to Calloway as he plans to explore the multiverse of the Xenton with alternate timelines, time travel and various other quantum leaps in the form of books and comic books in the near future.

* * *

Visit Heroic Studios website at You can also follow Calloway (Heroic Studios) on social media to keep up with current projects and what’s happening within the Xenton-verse as well as his Patreon in which has exclusive perks for fans of the series!


A special note to readers: In celebration of Book 3’s release, you can download Book 1 for free and purchase Book 2 for only $0.99. Hurry before this great sale ends!!!

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