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The Library: A Light at the End of the Tunnel, by @LytraWilson

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Happy Monday to you all!! I hope you are all safe and able to enjoy the start to your week.

Today, I am pleased to welcome a new guest to Life As I Know ItLytra Wilson! Enjoy!

The Library: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

In 1991, I re-entered the world of college, carting one child on my hip, and tugging the other by the hand. Both girls treasured their days of being hauled in and out of the library, while mommy studied or combed through the world of books, searching for a profound manual to influence a research paper. Then, mommy met Mr. Right and got engaged to a man who would provide us with a warranted life of happiness. Yay! Help was on the way. The S.O.S I sent out had been answered. Then, an untimely broadcast surfaced, drained the spunk from my demeanor, and forced me to change my mind. Two months later, we were found sitting in a library again. Somehow The Library became a place of solace for me and my daughters. Even now before hurricane Irma drove through Naples, Florida where I now reside, I found myself strolling through the nearest library in search of many things; where to register to vote, where to exchange my Michigan License for one that represents the sunshine state, and most of all a good book—one that keeps you company when the sun isn’t shining. I believe everyone should have a place where they can step into and feel at home no matter what their situation portrays. Life teaches us and we teach others. Regurgitating our experiences, bad or good, fun or sad, extreme or menial could be the light shining at the end of the tunnel for someone else.

Speaking of light at the end of the tunnel, a few days ago, I discovered my eldest da is also carrying and sometimes dragging my 3 year old grandson to the library. Now that she is back in college herself and raising a child with her fiance’ she recognizes the need for familiarity. Especially in a day and time when change comes quicker than a finger snapping or a New York minute flying by, she too has returned to her roots: pursuing a higher education and the Library – the light at the end of her tunnel.

With this being said, she and I shared our latest reads and found we even gravitate towards similar books. And today, I’d like to share them with you, and introduce a book club I recently discovered called Mama’s Got A New Read @ This Book Club derived from my blog, in which our goal is to not only inspire relationships, but to enhance them through fun and contagious reads.

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Until next time…………………………………… Stay Creative!!

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