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Paradise Creates a Writer, with Patrick Adams – @patadamsbooks

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We’re talking paradise, travels, and writing today with Guest Patrick Adams. I’m so excited for you to hear about his inspiration. Maybe you can share a little of your own inspiration in the comments section.  😉

The thought of being a writer had not seemed feasible for most of my life.  Whether it was time, focus or just a lack of inspiration, it just wasn’t something I thought I could pull off.  All of that changed in 2012 on a solo trip to the South Pacific.  Inspired by a paradise-like setting, an idea for a novel came to me in waves as I was sitting on a beach on an island in French Polynesia called Motu Mahana. As I laid baking in the sun, drinking coconut water out of an actual coconut, a story formed in my mind.  It was so powerful a story, that I had to go get a piece of paper and a pen from a bar and start writing the ideas down.  I outlined the story at a high level, and over the next two days on that trip while in Bora Bora, I added elements to the outline.  I stored that sheet of paper away for the next two and a half years, but thought about it often.

Motu Mahana (12)

In August 2014, as I was undergoing some challenges in both my work and personal life, I decided to take an overseas sabbatical for the remainder of the year to commit to writing the book.  The places I traveled on that sabbatical, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, all ended up being part of the scene structure of the book.  I finally brought my story to life on that sabbatical and drafted the novel, called “The Vacationer”, which has been edited and is slated for release in 2018.

On that same sabbatical, an idea hit me for a children’s book series, centered around travel, that would star my kids.  My daughter loves stuffed animals, and she has a favorite which she named Lisa.  She played with her stuffed animals as if they were living creatures, so I started to formulate a core story of my kids traveling the world, but with an added touch of having a magical stuffed animal that could bring a unique element to their visits.  While on this visit, I drafted the stories for Lisa Goes to England and Lisa Goes to France.

It was on that beach in paradise and on this three month sabbatical around the world that I found my muse as a writer and the ideas for my books that would drive me to this day.  Follow your muse, and it can lead you to wonderful places!

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Motu Mahana (16)

Author Bio:

Author of the Fantastic Lisa and The World of Rhythm children’s book series, Patrick Adams fell in love with travel when he was four days old, on his first flight. His later journeys around the world and his children inspired him to become a writer.

Through his blog and The World of Rhythm book series, Patrick Adams is a strong supporter of families dealing with a rare form of epilepsy called Infantile Spasms.

As a book architect, Patrick Adams is dedicated not only to publishing his own books but also helping other independent authors achieve their dream of seeing their children’s books come to life, and getting published.

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