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~* 2018 *~

Good afternoon, bloggers!

Welcome to 2018!!! Who else is excited about all the new opportunities, the challenges, the fun that will come from the New Year?!? I have a lot planned for the year… writing goals will be met, priorities will change, and a renewed mindset will be in place. I. Am. Pumped!!


Over the holidays, I received some amazing gifts, not just physical ones, but some of the most generous thoughts and inspiring words. I was encouraged to make 2018 the year of Marlena, and well, I think that’s some of the best advice I’ve ever been given. So that’s what I intend on doing. This year, I’m going to put a little more focus on myself. (Don’t worry, it’s not ALL about me. Continue reading for more.)

*  *  *

I hit a major writing slump in 2017 and lost my focus. (Boy, did I lose my focus!) I am aiming my sights high this year and am going to make something happen with my writing. You *will* see a published book from me in 2018. (Maybe even two!!) I currently have three books that are in the final writing stages. Editing and revisions are a must, and will definitely take some time, but that’s not going to stop me. Not this time. Over the last few weeks, the creative juices have been flowing like crazy. I have more story ideas than I know what to do with! Writers, can you relate??

*  *  *

Aside from a year focused on me and my writing, I’m going to do better with my blogging. Both with visiting other blogs and working on my own. I’ll be posting more personal updates and more of my writing. I also want to continue supporting fellow writers, bloggers, and life enthusiasts on my site. I thoroughly enjoy spreading the love and having you all over for a visit, so that will continue to be a highlight for me, as it always has been. (Side Note:  If you’re interested, head over to my sign-up page now.)

I would also like to do some creative & unique writing challenges that involve all of you. Whether it require you to comment on my post, or post on your own site… I think we need a little fun this year!

*  *  *

One more thing that I plan to improve on this year is reading and reviewing. I just posted two new reviews on my site and I plan to get a few more done before the week is up. (The books have been read, I’ve simply been too lazy to post the reviews.  #noexcuse)  So to all of those wonderful people that have recently gifted me their books, your review is coming soon!!

*  *  *

Let’s wrap things up, shall we…

GOALS~ Publish first novel ~
~ Focus on me ~
~ Support/Promote others ~
~ Publish second novel ~
~ Travel to somewhere beautiful ~
~ Post YouTube videos ~
~ Make 2018 A*W*E*S*O*M*E* ~

*  *  *

That’s all for now. I am so looking forward to sharing an amazing journey with you all in 2018. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and even your own goals for 2018. Let’s make it fabulous!!!

Until next time…………………… Love & Blessings!!

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