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My Paranormal Life…

Feelings of being constantly watched. Noises and bumps through the night. Shimmers of a shadow across the hall. Many have experienced it. Most are too scared to let anyone else know.

Not me. No, I’m here to share my story with you. The real story, the truth.

For me, the cycle is never-ending. It never stops. I don’t even think that’s a possibility…

It all started one night, as a teenager, when I was home alone. I was doing my usual thing, researching on the computer. (Even back then, I was a nerd for computer work.) Enjoying some quiet time. The topic of research is irrelevant. What is important is what I saw.

That night, so long ago, I had my first glimpse into the paranormal world when a shadow crossed the far wall. It was a large shadow, but the shape was undeniable. It was very human-like, even in its movement. Yet at that young age, I wasn’t afraid. Instead, I was curious. I tried to come up with a reasonable explanation for what I saw. Perhaps a shadow from my desk lamp? Or a reflection from the window? But nothing had the same effect. What I saw could simply not be explained.


From that day, I was a believer. From that day, my eyes were opened to a new world. And there’s no going back.

*  *  *

Fast forward 15 or so years and the activity, the odd occurrences have increased with each passing year. Recently, it was brought to my attention that I could be a sensitive and the more I think about it, the more I feel that’s true. Since that first incident, that first unexplainable shadow, I’ve been able to hear, see, and feel things that others can’t. And as I get older, the feelings have gotten more intense, more noticeable.

Let’s reflect back to the earlier part of last year.

Things began as usual in a new home, with little noises here and there. The typical squeaks and creaks… Only these seemed to be more frequent than any I’ve previously heard. And louder.

On this one particular day, I was home alone when I saw movement in the room directly across from me. It was an orb. A solid, white orb, the size of a football. Similar shape, too. It moved quickly across the floor and just as quickly, disappeared, but I knew what I had witnessed. I even ran a few tests, trying to debunk what I had witnessed. (Just because I’m a believer, doesn’t mean I jump straight to every weird and unusual thing being a paranormal entity. I’m still a realist.) Despite my efforts, I couldn’t make it happen. I wasn’t able to recreate what I had saw minutes before.


After that short moment and encounter with something unknown, the activity increased even more. The noises became louder, more frequent and more definite. I even caught the occasional glimpse of what I thought could only be another orb, but nothing quite like that first one. Nothing could compare to that one.

I wasn’t the only one that witnessed these occurrences, although there were a lot of incidents where I was the only observer.

*  *  *

Allow me to share one more story with you…

There was this one night, where it got serious for the better half. We were fast asleep and had been for a few hours probably. Between the two of us, I’m the light sleeper. This particular night, though, he was awakened by the sound of someone being in the kitchen. The sounds were distinctive. There was definite commotion coming from the direction of that room. He was so sure of what he had heard, that there was, in fact, an intruder in our home, that he grabbed his pistol and went to investigate. Of course, I stayed on his tail as we walked the path to the kitchen. We found nothing. Absolutely no evidence of someone being there. Doors were still locked. Windows were secure. There was nothing out of place. Once relieved of finding no intruder, we returned to bed and fell fast asleep.

*  *  *

So there you have it. The latest details of my crazy life of unknown happenings. Want to read more? Stick around, it’s always an adventure! And, boy, do have a lot of stories to share with you!

Until next time…………………… Love & Blessings!!



Author’s Note:  The images attached to this post are not of my own. They are simply used as an example. Thanks goes to Google Images.

23 thoughts on “My Paranormal Life…”

  1. Very cool! You should try asking if they want to communicate with you. When my son was 2 I was putting him to bed one night when he started giggling & talking to people I couldn’t see. I told him not to be afraid & asked him some questions to try to figure out who it was. Based on his description I was pretty positive that it was my grandma & grandpa both passed. The coolest thing was that he said “they came through the door” & that they “live with the Stars because they are star catchers.” 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!! That’s so neat what you’ve had happen. 🙂 I attempted to communicate before but only caught some weird noises. (I have a EVP recorder.) I’m now in a different house and even more stuff happens now. I’ll post some of that soon.


  2. There are more things in heaven or earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy…
    It’s good to keep a healthy scepticism, but also to keep your mind open! 😀


  3. What a fun read, Mar. I love learning about your other-worldly experiences. Life is so much more than the physical reality, and we are much more than our bodies. Big hugs… ♥

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  4. I am very much a believer as I too have seen orbs and other flashes. Everything is energy – it just takes different forms. You are blessed to be allowed to see the higher vibrational energy forms. Too cool, Mar!!

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  5. Thanks so much for opening up this conversation, Mar. I would like to share something that I’ve never really discussed before if I may.

    My daughter (now 36) was only three-years-old when “Edward” came into our world. She wasn’t talking well enough to be able to share with us what caused her to waken in the early hours of most mornings, when we would go to her room awakened by her delighted laughter, we’d find her bouncing on her bed, wide awake with her arms outstretched as if she was being twirled by somebody.

    When her conversations began to include her new friend Edward, I understood finally that he did exist for her.

    Over the years I began to see a glimpse of blurred moving light. That light didn’t transform further, at least … not for me.

    We moved frequently, but Edward moved right along with us.

    Came the day when my daughter asked me if I could see and talk with Edward as she did, and then she went on to describe not only what he was wearing, (A ruffled shirt, and what she described as short pants.) She went on to tell us that he had shoulder length curly hair, and spoke English but with a heavy accent, and lastly that he’d told her he was twelve years old.

    All these years later and my Grandson now five years old, is telling his mother and I about his new friend. He doesn’t know if this friend is a boy or a girl. He thinks it’s more likely a girl, because she has long curly hair that comes down to her shoulders. He asked us why his new friend ‘talked funny’.

    I can’t explain this presence. I just know that Edward is very real. I wish I could communicate with him and find out if he’s trapped here, and why. Perhaps there is some way we can help him move on to the peace he seems to be seeking. I wish there was.

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    1. Oh, Sooz, this is such an awesome story. Edward is obviously attached to your daughter – maybe a Guardian Angel or a Guide, and now he’s attaching to her son. This is SO beautiful. It gave me goosebumps. These things are REAL! Thank you for sharing!

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      1. Thanks, Jan. It felt right to finally share ‘Edward’ with other folks. My daughter told me this morning that ‘Edward’ had been very visual to both she and the little one, last night. I can feel his presence but can’t see him. I believe I’m not meant to. The presence isn’t in any way threatening, I guess because we simply don’t find it that way. Edward has in some ways become a member of our little family. I believe I would be aware of his absence now. I think you may well be right in that he does appear more vigorously at times when my daughter is undergoing stress or is faced with a difficult choice of some kind. Perhaps he is there to Guide. 🌹

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    2. Oh, Soooz, that’s fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with what Jan has said. It does sound like it has an attachment to someone. Perhaps looking into the history of that first location could shed some light. Or even the surrounding area. Maybe there’s a story there.
      Children are so much more accepting of things of this nature, things of the unknown. Maybe this could be the reason for the attachment. I would love to hear more!


      1. It was so good to share ‘Edward’ with you, Mar. My then-husband and I had built that first home where Edward appeared. It was a new construction and accordingly, we were the first to occupy it. The land on which it was built had been a winery in the very early days after the first settlement here in Australia. It was owned and run by a French family. There is little known about their history, but we have ascertained that they did have a son. we can’t find anything further about what happened to that family, just that the winery changed hands in the early years of the nineteenth-century.

        Not sure if we’re grasping at straws here, in our efforts to find a place and time for Edward to have once belonged maybe we are looking too hard and overthinking it. I just have the feeling that a French-speaking child, with long curly shoulder length hair, dressed as my daughter described him seems to be too much of a coincidence not to be considered. Sigh. 🌹

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        1. Again, so fascinating, Soooz. It does sound like there are some strong similarities there. It’s a crazy world we live in, and stories like this, just put me in awe. I know there are some things we aren’t meant to understand. Perhaps, this is one of those times, where we aren’t meant to fully understand.


          1. I agree, Mar. Perhaps there will come a day in the future when we have grown more empathy as a species, more tolerance of inherent differences, our minds will be granted the capacity to perceive and accept a world we now are only granted a brief glimpse of.

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  6. This post is awesome! Have you ever thought of communicating with them via spirit board or other means? Definitely following you on your journey!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve thought about using a spirit board but that could welcome so many bad things. That’s a fear I’m not ready to face. I have tried, though, speaking to them and using a recorder but I haven’t caught anything audible.

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