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Readathons with Lucy

Hello, bloggers!

I am so excited about today’s guest and the topic. We’re talking to Lucy, all about *reading*!! Can you hear the enthusiasm in my words?!?

I love reading, and so wish I could get paid to do it! (LOL, but no, seriously…)

I’ll stop blabbering on and turn it over to today’s fantastic guest. I insist you enjoy!


Why I Participate in Readathons

Hello, I’m Lucy from and I talk about reading, writing and mental health. Recently, I have started frequently participating in readathons and I would like to tell you why.

Readathons are challenges where you aim to read a certain number of books over a particular period of time. Many of the hosts of these readathons are on Twitter. I use Little Book Owl’s (on YouTube) readathon calendar that you can find here: I look at each readathon that is commencing in the present or upcoming month and see what the parameters of the readathon are. Some will include reading certain types of books or a particular number of books. If I can think of books on my TBR that fit the categories and I have time to read during the days listed then I participate. You often need to sign up through a link on the host’s Twitter, particularly if there are prize draws. So, without further delay, here are the reasons that I love participating in readathons:

1.  You can read as much or as little as you like: Just because there are seven challenges or a goal of how many hours to read does not mean that you have to read that many books or for all of that time! In the last couple of readathons that I have done, I have aimed to read four to five books but I haven’t actually read all of these. The aim of these readathons is to just read something. Even if you read one page or one chapter, you are still reading and if you enjoy it you can keep on reading but you don’t have to spend every second trying to read a ton of books and end up feeling stressed about it. Readathons help you to make reading a priority when ordinarily you may spend time online or watching a television programme that you’ve seen many times before.

2.  They help to reduce your TBR: Similarly to my first point, readathons help you to focus on reading and push you to read as much as you can in a short period of time. This is helpful for me because I like to read a large amount in one day because otherwise I can get distracted throughout the week and not make much progress.

3.  Community: Readathons bring together people to discuss what they are reading, their accomplishments and how they are fitting reading into their lives. This means that you can learn about other people’s routines which you may find you want to incorporate into your own life, you can find other books that you may not have heard of, you can talk about books that you have a shared love for and most of all, you can meet new friends.

So, do any of you participate in readathons? If so, which ones? If not, are you considering participating now? Let me know in the comments!

Catch Lucy online:

Instagram – lucyisreading or
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Thanks so much for stopping by!! I would love to hear your thoughts on readathons. Please share with us below!

Until next time……………………………… Love & Blessings!!


6 thoughts on “Readathons with Lucy”

  1. A good topic! This is the first year I’ve committed to read a certain number of books–or match last year. I didn’t know there was many readathons to choose from Lucy. I will have to look into those:) Nice to meet you this was a fun post:)

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