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Author Flossie Benton Rogers

This lovely graphic  ^^  was created by the talented Gwendolyn Plano.

Enjoy this story excerpt from Mind Your Goddess, another book in the dark fantasy romance Wytchfae series.


Wytchfae Series #3

Cool jazz & hot kisses…

The Goddess Epona awakens in the Roaring 20s. Can this flapper summon the razzle dazzle to reclaim her powers and the heart of her dark Guardian?

Story Excerpt

“Lady?” A hand tapped her shoulder and she forced herself to open her eyes. A man with slick black hair who was dressed to the nines in a dapper lightweight suit of a long ago style, knelt beside her.

Relieved that the innate fae power of understanding languages had not deserted her, she whispered, “Who are you?”

“I’m Benny.”

“Where am I?”

“This is sunshiny Florida.

“What year is it, Benny?”

“1925. Say, are you in trouble? Do you need a sawbones, or did you jump overboard?” His tone held a note of jocularity that made her wince. Still, if he could get her out of this blaring sun until she had the strength to heal her weakened condition, she could withstand his cheerfulness.

She bit down hard on her lip. Not only had her abductors catapulted her down to the human dimension, they had pitched her back in time. “Please, help me up.” The wispy quality of her voice shocked her.

Instead of assisting her to rise as she expected, the man snapped his fingers twice, and a younger, brawny man trotted over. “Yes sir?”

“Be a gentleman and help the lady. Put her in one of the cabins—Margie’s.”

Epona didn’t like the sound of that but figured once inside and away from the blinding sunlight her head would stop hammering with such violence and she could check on her Goddess crystal. Using considerable effort, she assisted the beefy young man as he got an arm under her and raised her to a standing position.

Although her legs seemed to be made of jelly, with his support she was able to untwist the sodden gown from her legs. Patting her salt stiffened hair, she murmured, “I must look a fright.”

“Not at all, cupcake.”

The hell with it. Her appearance was the least of her worries. When her wobbly legs buckled, and before she could utter a protest, her rescuer scooped her up into muscled arms and plodded through the white sand toward a bright yellow building set back from the beach. He continued around to the back where a row of neat cottages stood.

The black haired man followed and when they came to a door, he knocked in a rhythmic rat a tat tat. Some kind of secret code, she thought. The door swung open to reveal two other stocky men. “Oh, it’s you, Benny.”

“Of course it’s me. Didn’t I give the knock, moron? Break’s over. Quit your yammering and open the bedroom door.”

A few moments later, after more chattering and remonstrations from Benny, Epona reclined on a narrow cot with no headboard. Propped up atop scrawny pillows and covered with a thin blanket, she took stock of her rescuers, while Benny eyed her from just inside the doorway. The other men peered over his shoulder. “What’s your name?”

She didn’t answer him.

“Muddled melon, huh? Well, never mind, we’ll call you Angel for now. You kinda look like one in that getup, or a bride. There’s not a hot-headed groom on the warpath behind you, is there?”

Her fae ability with languages apparently wasn’t working at full throttle after all. Although she didn’t fully comprehend what he meant, she responded to his questioning look with a fervent shake of her head.

“Good. You either need to dry off or dry out. Which is it?”

Book Trailer:

ArtExpo5-9-2015confepic (1)
Author Bio:
Former library director and teacher. Essential Energy Balancing and Reiki master, interested in metaphysical tools such as runes, crystals, and tarot. Passionate about comparative mythology,vancient history, and alternate realities. Sagittarius with a Libra ascendant and Taurus moon, 5th generation Floridian. Mystic adventurer. Coffee aficionado. Known for conjuring the magic in romance.

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61 thoughts on “Author Flossie Benton Rogers”

  1. What a wonderful introduction from Flossie! I have to check, but I think this book is on my Kindle. I absolutely LOVED the excerpt!! Congrats, Flossie for being the #RRBC Spotlight Author!

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  2. I enjoyed the excerpt, Flossie! I’ve said it before, I love this cover! Gwen did a great job with the graphic art. Your bio is great too. Thanks for hosting, Marlena! Great post! 😀

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  3. Wow! A fabulous excerpt, and in my favorite genre. This has just jumped ahead of a few others on my TBR list. Congratulations, Flossie. Thanks so much for hosting today, Mar.

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