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Share with us…

Hello, bloggers!

I hope you are having a fabulous day! We, in the crazy state of Alabama, are preparing for our first severe weather of Spring. We’re talking tornadoes and hail this size of baseballs. My fingers are crossed that it passes over us, though. For anyone in the path of the storms, I’m sending you positive thoughts of safety.  🙂

Now, onto the reason for this post…

Many of you awesome peeps are authors, writers, bloggers, and so forth. So I want to hear from you. We all do! After all, we’re in this together, aren’t we?


Today is all about what you have to share. Your experience, your know-how. Share with us and connect with each other. Let’s talk tips, advice, suggestions, and whatever else you can think of. The sky is the limit! Just use the comments section below.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Until next time………………………………… Stay Creative!!

8 thoughts on “Share with us…”

  1. There have been a few things I’m focusing on this past six months. One, building my email list or NL. Slow but steady I use Instafreebie and my blog. I also spend too much time playing on FB but I have a great groups of people who do share and purchase books, so that can be fun. I deleted a time-suck third page. Smart move. And I share my main character’s antics with readers who want to know what Layla, Mia, Mateo are up to…even JET. So it’s been good. Sales are up each month but still not viable as a full-time option yet. But I never ever give up. Thanks for asking.

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  2. Hope the storms passed over you, Marlena. Violent spring storms are just beginning. This is the only time of year I don’t love living on the top floor of my apartment building. 🙂 I find myself running in a vicious circle these days. I want to be writing the second book in my fiction romance, The White Rune Series. It seems I spend most of my days visiting everyone’s blogs, clearing out Twitter notifications and working on my own blog. I don’t spend much time on Facebook anymore. It’s hit and miss there. But, I have three pages to maintain on Facebook, so I have to keep some sort of consistency. I wish I knew the answer to balancing. And, since I’ve returned to work, my days got shorter. I just want to write. The first book in the series is under review with a publisher and I am holding my breath that I get offered a contract. It’s a small press, but I wouldn’t have to pay them any money. The title of that book is “When Two Worlds Collide,” and it’s a romance about a computer geek who has the ability to see ghosts and a rough-around-the-edges Harley riding girl. They learn lots from each other as the story unfolds. The second in the series is about a soldier who returns from Afghanistan with a limb missing and scars that run deep. It too is a romance. My female character is an American Indian girl, Nakina, who is Clairvoyant and running from her gift, They both need healing. The third book in the series is about a cowboy who inherits his grandfather’s ranch and has the ability to communicate with animals. He consults a local psychic to help gain an understanding of his gift. Sage Coventry is convinced no one could ever fall in love with a psychic. She is wrong. 🙂 That’s it in a nutshell. I just need more hours in the day.

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    1. Oh goodness, Jan! That sounds like a wonderful read. Another one for my TBR list for sure! 🙂 I appreciate you always stopping by. I can definitely appreciate the difficulty in finding a balance. I’ve been struggling too. I started a new, full-time job a few months back, myself, so I’m with you on that boat! Now, if I could just get ONE book published, I would be happy. I have a goal in mind, it’s just a matter of making it happen. More hours in the day would be absolutely amazing and beneficial! We need to look into making that happen! 😉


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