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Discussing Astrology with @carolee1

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Visiting with us today is Artist, Writer, and Astrologer Carol Stanley. I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Carol two previous times to my site. She’s always a delight to have! If you missed her other feature posts, please visit one of the following links: Passion/Art or Health/Writing.

Let’s jump right into today’s post. Enjoy!!

I have been a practicing Astrologer for over 30 years. My journey began when I decided to take a course in Astrology with hopes of getting some answers about personal issues in my life. I had no idea that this was a life changing event. I am a typical Libra who is able to create changes and take advantage of every possible opportunity. Throughout the years I have had many businesses but Astrology is always my constant companion.

When I decided to become an Astrologer I knew I wanted to create a special place for myself. I plunged right in doing charts and decided I wanted to be visible in writing and TV and radio. I had a friend call a major radio show in Phoenix, Arizona acting as my public relations manager; and I became a monthly regular on the show. I then got a regular column in the Phoenix Gazette. My fifteen minutes of fame extended about 6 years. I got a daily spot on the popular news radio station KTAR, I then became a sought after MC and speaker for many events and contests, I was able to gain a syndicated column with an astrological and psychic prediction column. I truly enjoyed appearing before many audiences with a humorous and informative talk
about Astrology.

Throughout my career I did thousands of Astrology readings and even included some celebrities.

I joined my art with astrology and designed a graphic depiction for each sign of the zodiac. I designed t-shirts and tote bags with my designs and sold them all over the US and even England.

Astrology is not like any other career as you live it and know it is part of your daily landscape.

Most people think Astrology is about their zodiac sign and the newspaper’s daily forecast columns. It is a comprehensive study of the planets which affect on your life. When I am given the information of your birthday, time, place I know many things about you and what trends will influence you throughout the years. To duplicate your chart would take 25,000 years so we are very unique.

The Power Points of your Astrology Chart:
Sun Sign—Your basic personality and inner drives
Moon Sign— Your emotional personality, romantic choices, food preferences
Rising Sign— The way people see you

Most of us interested in Astrology know our zodiac sign as it changes on a regular basis. The moon sign also goes through the 12 signs as the sun sign but changes every 2.5 days.

The rising sign goes through the 12 signs but changes every 2.5 hours. That is why your birth time is important.

On the day your were born all planets in the solar system were in a particular zodiac sign such as Libra, Aquarius, Leo, etc. This alone tells me a lot about you.

For Example: I am a Libra sun sign. My moon sign is in Virgo and My rising sign is Virgo.

Knowing just these few facts I have a lot of information about any person. There is a lot to consider when giving a reading, more but these are the major factors in understanding one’s personality.

I have returned to the speaking trail and love teaching Astrology. I, of course, have to add many humorous bits. Astrology is still a part of my life and it often helps me understand people. I check my forecast once a year to figure out the best times to undertake certain projects. I even check the best time to make sales calls. Does it work??? It does work, but the important thing to note is that you always have free will.

carolLibra Sun Sign with ruling planet Venus

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Thank you so much for visiting with us. Please show my guest some support with likes, shares, and comments. Feel free to chat, ask questions, connect! That’s what we’re all here for!!

Until next time……………………………… Stay Creative!!

7 thoughts on “Discussing Astrology with @carolee1”

  1. I am a big believer in Astrology and took a course back in the 70s to learn to do charts. But, I didn’t pursue it later in life. Carol’s post is fascinating. And to know that it will take 25,000 years for my chart to duplicate if astounding! Wow! Thank you, Mar, for sharing.

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  2. I’m totally fascinated by Astrology. The charts I’ve had done over the years have been uncannily accurate. I don’t release a new book in a period when Mars is in retrograde. Great post, and a pleasure to meet you, Carol. Thanks for the introduction, Mar.🌹

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