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#FeatureFriday: Guest Stan Straub

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Welcome to the first edition of FEATURE FRIDAY! I’m so excited to have you join me today. Please help me in welcoming today’s guest, Stan Straub, as he shares his story with us.

My name is Stanley C. Straub and I’m an author.  I’ve been writing ever since I can remember.  I started in grade school, wrote in college, and have been writing ever since.  I’ve always loved writing and putting together stories.  I prefer writing thrillers and lately, I have been specializing in science fiction.  However, I love all forms of writing and have even written several poems over the years.  Almost all of my poems have been written for my wife’s and/or friends.  One poem “Our Town” was published in the local newspaper “The Sentinel” in 2007.  It is a poem about Cottage Grove, Oregon where my wife and I were living at the time.       

I was born in Red Mountain, California in 1940.  My folks moved to Oregon in 1942.  I was raised in Walton, Oregon and then Eugene, Oregon until 1958 when I enlisted in the Navy.  In 1960, I met and married the former Linda Bash from Cottage Grove, Oregon.  We had three children, all boys.  Four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

After spending four years in the Navy as a Guided Missile Technician, I went to work in the aerospace industry in California and remained there until I retired in 1997.  After my retirement, my wife Linda and I moved to Oregon. 

Although I had finished many short stories and wrote many stories in college, I didn’t finish and publish my first full-length novel, a medical thriller “The Killer Within” until 2011.  Then, after publishing my first book, I started writing my second book, a science fiction thriller “The Segmented Tail”.  In 2012, my wife of nearly 53 years passed away and I gave up writing. 

In 2013 I met Donna Gabrielli on an Internet dating website.  Neither of us was interested in dating and we were enticed to join the dating site by our children.  Donna lived in Lebanon, Oregon and she had lost her husband of over 53 years in 2009.  We hit it off on our first date and we discovered that both of us had a lot in common.  I asked Donna to marry me and thankfully she said yes.  We were married on December 21st, 2013 and I moved to Lebanon to live with Donna.  

After I married Donna, I found my writing desire in full-bloom again and I finished my book “The Segmented Tail”.  Then, I quickly followed that up with another science fiction thriller “The Trail in the Woods”.  Now, I’m working hard on my new science fiction thriller “The Terminus List”.  I plan on following it up with a young adult series.  The first book will be “Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn”.  The Bobby McDane series will have a little magic, a little science fiction, and a little fantasy. I am self-published and decided to go that route rather than try for a traditional publisher.  As many authors do, I sent out a ton of query letters on my first book to publishers and to agents.  However, after getting rejection letters, I decided I’d rather see my books in print than having to wait for a year or longer to get published by a traditional publisher.  I create my own book covers and basically do most of my own editing.  I use an online spell checker to edit my books. 

All of my books are available on  I worked as a technical writer for over three years in California and I loved it.  I enjoyed that job more than all my years as an electrical engineer and manager.  I probably would have continued working in technical writing, but engineering paid more.

I’m a proud member of the Rave Reviews Book Club and I have an Author’s page on Facebook. In 2011, I started writing my blog.  I try to write a post at least once a week.  Early this year, I created my author website.  My motto is “Changing the world one word at a time.”  Stan1

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5 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday: Guest Stan Straub”

  1. Welcome, Stan! I’m delighted to have the chance to learn more about you and your writing. You have certainly had an interesting life and that makes for superb writing fodder. I love your motto, “Changing the world one word at a time.” Thanks so much for a great way to meet other authors, Mar.

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