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It is my pleasure to welcome fellow Author, Stephen B King. Today, we are learning about Book 1 of his The Deadly Glimpses trilogy, Glimpse Memoir of a Serial Killer.



The end of 1999 not only brings the threat of the Y2K bug, but a series of horrific murders including a body dissected and packed inside a suitcase. Sargent Rick McCoy’s new partner, Patricia Holmes, is a woman, an attractive one, who is a criminal psychologist. As if his life wasn’t hard enough, he is having marital problems, but he and Pat share a desire for each other.

The killer has another victim, and he threatens to send Rick a part of her body ever day he goes uncaught so Rick and Pat are in a race against the clock to save her.

*  *  *


“Pat, I know you went to uni with the boss, because he told me. I am an old-fashioned cop who believes in what I do. This is a hideous case, with clearly a deranged murderer who takes delight in abducting, raping and torturing women. If we don’t stop him, he will keep going because he likes it. Believe me; I’m willing to take any help from you that will get me closer to this guy.”

“He’s not deranged. He just sees things differently than you or I do. To him his behavior is normal, and you cops are the abnormal ones. That’s probably because of his upbringing. Tell me everything you know, let me try to get a feel for this guy, Daryl has already told me quite a lot, but I want your take on the facts. I will tell you one thing I think already, he lost his mother at a very early age. I think she went out to the shops and never came back. She abandoned him, that’s why he selects his victims from shopping areas.”

“Oh come on, how can you know that?”

She uncurled her legs and leant forward on her desk. “My role, if I am to be any help at all, is to theorize. To observe the facts, and make deductions from them. It would be fair and reasonable if I were wrong twenty percent of the time. I could live with that; eighty percent is good for this kind of work. Our man abducts women, from supermarkets; therefore he does it for a reason and not by random chance. By him replicating that, it would make sense if he is hurting his mother for leaving him. Rick, people who commit these sorts of crimes don’t do it just for fun, although often they enjoy the act. They can feel driven to do it; it satisfies an urge or need that they have. Psychopaths hear voices, which tell them what to do and how to do it. But Sociopaths have no conscience, they don’t feel guilt, and you can’t argue with them logically. They often will feel incredibly superior, and they will lord that over you; tease and taunt, just to show how clever they are. They will shift the blame so if you don’t stop them it’s your fault, not theirs. Rick, this is my field, I’m not going to be able to tell you where he lives, because I don’t use a crystal ball. But, I might be able to tell you the kind of place he might live in, the sort of up upbringing he may have had, and most importantly, the kind of things to look out for if you interview him. I’m only offering to help you, so, please, tell me everything, don’t hold back; what do you have to lose?”

He nodded slowly, and took a long draft of his beer. She’s right, what do I have to lose?

*  *  *

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10 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday: Author @stephenBKing1”

  1. It’s great to meet you, Stephen! I deal with sociopathic serial killers in several of my own books and find the challenge in presenting them to my readers exhilarating. Your blurb is enticing and I look forward to reading your work. Thanks so much for featuring and introducing Stephen to us, Mar!

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    1. Hi Soooz. Nice to meet you too. The Glimpse trilogy provides 3 seperate glimpses into serial killer’s troubled minds, and tries to show the reader why, and how they became that way. PPP in Memoir is a narcissistic sociopath, but in glimpse 2 (The Beautiful Deaths) he is something else entirely, while in the finale, The Tender Killer, he is a situational schizophrenic. Across the three books, there is also the desire aspect, will the protagonists give into temptation, even though they are married, and if they do, what will be the consequences?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The more I hear about your work the more intrigued I become. I too utilize a Narcissistic Sociopath and a Malignant Sociopath in my novel due out early 2019. They are challenging to write as is the forensic psychologist that tries to unravel their thoughts and behavior patterns. I look forward to discovering the way you present them.

        Liked by 1 person

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